quick, 5 minute fluffy slime recipe - You'll have so much fun playing with this easy DIY slime! | www.bylaurenm.com

5 Minute Fluffy Slime

Are y’all obsessed with slime? I was completely unaware how truly big it was until spending time with my sister. She opened my eyes to the slime videos and Instagram accounts strictly devoted to playing with slime that have over 100K followers. Of course we were all about making some for Layla and ourselves (’cause it really did look fun)! After researching all the different variations, we came up with our own 5 minute DIY fluffy slime recipe.

black lace camisole with blush faux leather jacket. | Click through for more casual outfits or to shop this look! www.bylaurenm.com

Lace Camisole + Blush Leather Jacket

Ever since I picked up this crisscross cami, I’ve been on the hunt for a lace camisole. I obviously didn’t want to pay a ton, so a lot of the options I found in the $100+ price range were just out of the question. I ordered a few from H&M around the holidays, but I was incredibly disappointed in the quality and fit. So they went back, and the hunt continued! But then I found this v-neck lace camisole! The price ($10!!) was almost unbelievable.

reebok comfortable workout leggings - I've been loving these super-soft printed leggings for all my workouts! Click through for all the details! | www.bylaurenm.com

Comfortable Workout Leggings with Reebok

With the athleisure trend continually on the rise (it’s not going anywhere, y’all!), I know that a great pair of printed workout leggings are on every woman’s must-have list. They’re not just for the gym anymore, so they have to hit all the marks: they must be comfortable, cute, and of course thick enough to provide coverage.