toddler gift guide - the very best toddler gift ideas straight from the horse's mouth-- my three-year-old Layla!! |

Layla’s Toddler Gift Guide

Somehow my sweet little baby has grown into an opinionated toddler. She 100% knows what she likes, which actually made shopping easier this year! So, since she’s got it all figured out, I’m bringing you Layla’s toddler gift guide today! Everything you see are either items we already own or are gifts requested by L herself. 

winter white outfit - white winter outfit idea | Get outfit details or see more cute casual Winter outfits at

Winter White Outfit

Is there anything more chic than a winter white outfit? I’ve gotta be honest: I just LOVE them, especially when they include a pretty mix of textures. Mixing textures is actually one of my go-to’s when layering any outfit with similar colors. But I love the combination even more with a mix of whites and creams. 

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Mommy and Me Outfit for Christmas