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Camo Tshirt Dress

I am just a t-shirt dress kind of girl. I love ’em because they offer so much comfort (hello, who doesn’t want to wear a giant tee all day?!), but they are also super-versatile. I have a whole collection of them: stripes, solids, midi length, short, maxi dresses, and now this camo tshirt dress. And y’all this one is seriously a gem.

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Long Sleeve Bow Back Top

If you follow me on Instagram, then I’m sure you know that we’ve been at the beach! It’s been so beautiful (well except for one afternoon of rain). And one of the things that I was sure to pack was this long sleeve bow back top.

I actually ordered it as an add-on item to reach the free shipping minimum on an online order. I knew it was cute, but I wasn’t sure if it was a keeper until it arrived at my house. Once I had it on, I knew there was no way it was going back! (Maybe next time I should order items I don’t think I like as add-ons! It would certainly save me money!! ) 

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Sale Finds Under $50 You’ll Wear This Fall

I’m always on the hunt for a great deal. And lately, I’ve seen a ton of end-of-Summer sale pop up. But if you’re anything like me, you want to make sure that items you buy at this point in the season will be worn for the next! So today’s sale finds under $50 are all pieces you’ll wear from now through Fall! And some of ’em are so good. You won’t want to miss it!