Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares her five minute foundation free makeup routine for summer!

Five Minute Foundation Free Makeup Routine

I’m embarassed to admit that this summer is the first time since… (maybe high school?) that I ever considered going foundation-free. That’s not to say I didn’t have makeup-free days! But literally every time I did put on makeup, it was the whole shebang. But something about this summer has brought out the minimalist in me. And this five minute foundation free makeup routine has been a 100% game-changer.

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares summer Amazon workout clothes under $25!

Summer Amazon Workout Wear Under $25!

Now that we’re a bit more settled after our move, I’m finally getting back into a more regular workout routine. I set up a small spot in our garage, and I’ve been enjoying outdoor daily workouts! But I quickly realized that my wardrobe was severely lacking some warm weather options. If I’m going to be sweating it out in the heat, I need some lightweight options! Enter these Summer Amazon workout wear options. And the best news? They’re all under $25!

Virginia mom blogger, Lauren Dix, shares over twenty Walmart back to school options for kids.

Walmart Back to School Kids Clothes

I know back to school is looking a little different for everyone this coming year, but I’m not going to let it stop me from the fun of back to school shopping! Whether the upcoming year looks like homeschooling, in-person classes, or some hybrid, the kids will still need to get ready for the coming season! And today’s Walmart back to school kids clothes round-up is the perfect place to start!