Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares six Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas from casual to dressy!

Six Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

What’s your go-to Thanksgiving outfit? We’re normally at our own home or my MIL’s on Thanksgiving Day every year. So, I like to get fully dressed into a cute but comfortable outfit! No pj’s allowed at our dinner table, y’all. 😉 And since you’re looking for Thanksgiving outfits, I’m guessing you want something a little more put-together too! So from dressier options to the ultimate casual options, we’re covering all the bases all with these six Thanksgiving outfit ideas!

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares over 10 new Madewell fall arrivals in her new fall Madewell try on!

New Fall Madewell Try On

Have you seen the latest Madewell release? Oh so good y’all! I loaded up on sweaters, loungewear, and a few dressier pieces if you’re looking for something less casual! I had to hold myself back because of all the latest releases, this has been my favorite by far! Get ready for a big new fall Madewell try on with a…

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares six sweater blazer outfits!

Six Sweater Blazer Outfits

One of my favorite purchases of 2020? A J.Crew sweater blazer tops the list! It is so versatile, working for both casual and dressier outfits alike. Plus it is one of the most comfortable outfit toppers I own. It’s basically a 2020 fashion essential! To show you a few of my favorite ways to wear it, I’m bringing you six sweater blazer outfits!