Best Amazon Maxi Dress

Can we all agree that we’re Amazon-obsessed? I don’t know what I did before Prime 2-day shipping. (And yes, I realize that’s overly dramatic. Like, I clearly would just drive to the store… or several stores until I found what I needed.) But Amazon has certainly made life so much easier. And now that I’ve discovered the wonder of Amazon fashion, it’s even better! But sometimes, the options on Amazon can be overwhelming, right?! So, I decided to do something a little different and search for the very best Amazon maxi dress.

Affordable style blogger, Lauren Dix, shares a Loft try on April 2019 with over 10 items reviewed for fit and style!

Loft Try On April

How I made it from January to April without a Loft try on is kind of beyond me! It is both one of yours and my all-time favorite stores! And y’all know that their sales cannot be beat! Since I hadn’t been in several months, the entire store was new to me. I was really pumped to try some new…

Virginia style blogger, Lauren Dix, shares five denim shorts outfits.

Denim Shorts Outfits

Denim shorts are a spring and summer wardrobe staple, and I’m sure they’re an item you already have in your closet! But if you’re in a jeans and tee rut, girl, I feel you. I’ve been there too! Today, we’re going to break out of the rut. I’ve got some fresh inspo for ya with five denim shorts outfits!