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My All-time Favorite Travel Outfit

Over the years, I’ve shared my fair share of travel outfits. (In fact, you can see all of my travel wear posts here!) But after my most recent trip to California over the holidays, I think I’ve finally nailed it down: my all-time favorite travel outfit. After countless full days of travel, I’ve learned how much worse travel is when uncomfortable. But I’m also not one to travel in pajamas. I’ve found the perfect combination of comfort and style.

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Two Ways to Wear a Ruana

Whether you call it a wrap, poncho, or ruana, I’m into ’em. These outfit toppers are so easy to throw on over your basic outfits that will take your style up a notch. They’re also perfect for cooler days because wearing them feels so cozy. It’s like an acceptable way to wear a blanket all day. And it’s way more chic too! To show how versatile they are, and 100% why you need one, I’m sharing two ways to wear a ruana!

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Under the Kitchen Sink Organization DIY

If you happened to catch my Instagram Stories earlier this week, then you know that I completed a small home DIY project. We were stuck inside with the snow, and I got the bug. Do you ever just get overwhelmed by messiness? I do. And it can be overwhelming. Like nothing else I have on my agenda can be completed before I clean. ┬áLuckily I had recently purchased a few dollar store storage bins, so it really only took about 45 minutes to complete my under the kitchen sink organization DIY. And bonus: it only cost me about $5! Now if only I could get the bug to organize the rest of my cabinets…