the bite beauty lip lap experience | My experience creating a custom lipstick at Bite Beauty Lip Lab! Read all about the start-to-finish process and if it's worth it at

My Experience at Bite Beauty Lip Lab NYC

I don’t remember exactly when I first heard about Bite Beauty Lip Lab NYC, but I do remember totally geeking out about it with my teenager sister. We both oohed and ahhed over the idea of getting to make our own custom lipstick. But being that it was in New York and I was in Virginia (and she was in California!), we never really thought it would happen. Well, fast forward to her high school graduation. I planned sisters-only long weekend in NYC to celebrate, and after booking plane tickets, the very first thing I did was look up the Bite Beauty Lip Lab. I mean, I am a self-diagnosed lipstick hoarder after all.  And since Morgan and I had been talking about our dream of going for several years, I knew it was a must.

maternity romper summer outfit - cute summer pregnancy outfit ideas | This adorable maternity romper is only $24 and also comes in a non-maternity version! Come read all the ways to wear it at!

Maternity Romper

I may be fairly new to the jumpsuit bandwagon, but I’ve been a fan of rompers for a while now. But after I got pregnant, I figured I’d be romper-less for my forseeable future. That is until I came across this maternity romper!! I actually ordered it a few months ago, and I tried it on for y’all on Insta Stories. Even though I instantly loved it, I had a feeling that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. That estimation was an understatement.  After taking a poll, only around 30% thought it was a keeper! But hey, when you really love something, it doesn’t matter what other people think, right?! There was no way this baby was going back.

stripe maxi dress with lace bralette - how to wear a maxi dress and bralette |

Maxi Dress with a Bralette