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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Try-on Part 2

If you didn’t get enough from my first Nordstrom Anniversary Sale try-on post, then get ready for more! The morning the sale went live to cardholders, I placed an online order for items that I knew weren’t available at my local store. And I’m glad I didn’t just rely on my in-store finds, because there are some goodies online! So,…

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Fall Pregnancy Outfit


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Try-On

One of my favorite things to do for y’all is to help you shop with dressing room reviews, so as soon as the store opened yesterday, Layla and I headed in for a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale try-on! I gotta admit: they are definitely more stressful than your typical try-on. We’re talking a marathon session, y’all! But with a bag full…