Affordable style blogger Lauren Dix shares a January Loft try on with over ten winter outfits!

January Loft Try On

Loft continues to be one of your top requests when it comes to try ons. And I gotta tell ya: I don’t hate it! Loft has become one of my favorites too because of their cute, affordable finds. And you really can’t be their sales! For today’s January Loft try on get ready for lots of winter-to-spring finds, heart prints and embellishments (YESSSS!), and polka dots. I’m here for it, y’all. And hopefully you are too! Let’s gooooo!

Affordable style blogger Lauren Dix shares four spanx faux leather moto leggings outfits for winter. From weekend casual to date night, these leggings outfits are perfect for so many occasions.

Four Spanx Faux Leather Leggings Outfits for Winter

Real talk: over the past seven days, I’ve worn leggings four of them. And my faux leather ones are the ones I reach for the most. Not only are they the most flattering leggings I’ve ever owned, I also love that they can be dressed both up and down! And if you’re thinking you can only wear them casually, these four Spanx leather leggings outfits for winter will change your mind! From the weekend to date night, these looks are perfect for so many occasions. 

Affordable style blogger, Lauren Dix, shares six white sneakers outfits for winter and fall. See all the outfits at

Six Sneakers Outfits for Winter

There is something about January (maybe it’s the increasing cold?) that just makes me want to wear all the comfortable clothes. So, sneakers always become my go-to this time of year! And apparently y’all feel the same way! I was pumped to see a couple of you request sneakers outfits for winter in my recent poll! I couldn’t wait to put…