How I Became a Runner: Part Two

Although I basically gave Aaron credit for giving me the push to start running regularly, I think it was my desire to meet (and beat!) my goals that drove me to keep it up and increase my distance. After completing my longest distance to date at the Monument 10K, I was ready for a new hurdle: a half marathon!

I felt a little apprehensive given my short running history, but Sports Backers offers a half marathon training team (HMTT) for the American Family Fitness Half Marathon, and given my love for their 10K program, I felt like I could be successful following their plan. When signing up, I had to provide some basic information about my running history and goals. This allowed for the participants to be split into running groups that are appropriate for experience and pace. The first week was still crazy-intimidating when we arrived.

First meeting at City Stadium / Photo courtesy of HMTT Photos

It was a huge group! While the 10K training team split everyone up into several different meeting places around Richmond, all of the HMTT participants met it one location: City Stadium. Thankfully my nerves were assuaged once we actually hit the pavement. I was relieved to finish in line with my training group.

K and I finishing up our first group run (and somehow still smiling)! / Image courtesy of HMTT Photos

We are in our fifth week of the 14-week program, and so far I’m feeling confident and strong. The fact that I have two friends running in my training group is also comforting.  I know that during some of the longer runs their company will be an extra layer of motivation to keep me moving.

A blurry, ran-filled photo of the ladies and I on our last group run / Photo courtesy of HMTT Photos

Would you consider joining a training team?


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