Richmond Under Review: Toast

Over the weekend Aaron and I decided to visit Toast, the (somewhat) new restaurant that took the place of City Limit in the Village shopping center. The overall ambiance definitely changed, in my opinion for the better! Gone are the tall booths that once separated the dining and bar areas. The entire restaurant appears more open with a clean, modern aesthetic.

Richmond Restaurant Toast decor

I absolutely adore the wooden screen light fixture that runs the length of the restaurant.

Richmond Restaurant Wood Screen Lighting

Since it was Friday evening, the first thing Aaron and I did was peruse the drink menu.

Richmond Restaurant Toast Drink Menu

Toast offers more than just your typical draft beers. They also have a selection of craft beers, wine (by the bottle and on tap!), and specialty cocktails. Aaron chose the 21st Amendment Back in Black IPA, which was included in the happy hour specials.

21st Amendment Back in Black IPA

Being the one constantly attracted to the the most expensive item on the menu, I went with a cranberry cocktail that had “drunken cranberries” sitting in the bottom of the glass.

I would definitely order this again! YUM!

The menu features plenty of salads, sandwiches and entrees.

Richmond Restaurant Toast Menu

I ordered the Turkey Arugula wrap, which also featured herbed lemon goat cheese and tomato. I liked the wrap: it was extremely fresh and light. My only complaint was that the goat cheese was not as flavorful as I anticipated. The arugula definitely dominated the flavor. On the other hand, the parmesan truffle fries were perfection.

Richmond restaurant Toast Turkey wrap and fries

Aaron’s lamb and chorizo sloppy joseph was simply delicious. This is an item that I definitely glossed over, so I’m glad he ordered it (and that he shared a bite!).  Being quite the sweet potato connoisseur, Aaron is pretty confident that the recipe for the sweet potato tater tots did not change with the restaurant ownership, which, to him, was a great relief.

Richmond lamb and chorizo sloppy joe

Overall, we had a very positive experience at Toast, and I am looking forward to going back. Maybe next time I’ll give their crab mac ‘n’ cheese a try!

Have you had a chance to visit Toast?


8 thoughts on “Richmond Under Review: Toast

  1. twenty-something

    This all looks amazing! I am in love with sweet potato fries but have never seen sweet potato tots at a restaurant..I must try them. 🙂 I loved browsing your blog and you’ve got some really great work looks, I’m a new follower!


  2. Anna T

    I just ate there today and it is awesome! The sweet potato tater tots are out of this world– and wine on tap, who doesn’t love that?!


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