Richmond Under Review: Westhampton Pastry Shop

I’ll freely admit that I’m not a big doughnut person. In fact, I’m pretty sure my distaste for them has even caused a few Saturday morning squabbles between Aaron and I since he is such a fan, but I was not sorry when he convinced me to try Westhampton Pastry Shop.

Having just completed our weekly long run, we were pretty starving and a bit indecisive (or maybe just looking for an excuse to each order three).

Richmond doughnuts

We ordered a glazed, a prune danish, a chocolate glazed, a cinnamon twist, an apple danish, and a cream cheese danish.

Best Richmond donuts

The danishes were absolutely delicious: flaky and perfectly glazed. I will definitely be trying their other flavors; however, the highlight for me was the cinnamon twist and the glazed.

Richmond donuts cinnamon twist

The outside of the twist had the slightest bit of crunch, but the inside was soft and doughy. The flavor reminded me of eating churros as a child. (YUM.)

Richmond best glazed donut

The glazed doughnuts are massive: I felt like I was eating a double-decker doughnut. It was still warm when we got it home and I devoured every last delicious bite. So much for not being a doughnut person, huh?

What’s your favorite type of doughnut? Do you have a favorite bakery in Richmond?


5 thoughts on “Richmond Under Review: Westhampton Pastry Shop

  1. twenty-something

    Girl, you have me craving doughnuts now!! These look so yummy 🙂 Glad you gave doughnuts another shot. When I was young I used to always get these doughnuts from our local grocery story called Tiger Tails. They look exactly like the cinnamon twist except they’re a swirl of regular and chocolate doughnut and they’re glazed. SO yummy!


    1. Lauren

      Hey Tessa! After blogging for Weddingbee for a year, I decided I officially caught the bug. 🙂 Before I was blogging on Blogger, so Word Press is an adjustment, but I really like it so far!

  2. Mrs DiscoBows

    Love ring glazed doughnuts they’re my favourite along with yum yums. That twist looks good though. We all need a treat once in a while


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