Changing Perspectives: An October Photo Challenge Update

Days seven through nine in the October Photo Challenge were all about changing perspectives.

My first photo was of Richmond’s skyline from a distance, taken from the Belle Isle pedestrian bridge. This is hands-down one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken because it perfectly captures the River City.

Downtown Richmond view from Belle Isle

Looking from a distance, I found myself realizing how small Richmond truly is.

For the next two days, we went close up and upside down! At the risk of becoming a crazy dog lady, I featured my dogs in both. What can I say? They’re great subjects! (Even though they sometimes run away from the camera…)

Bella posed for my close up shot, and I love this expectant look on her face. It’s one that I’ve become very familiar with. I cannot express how many times I’ve been greeted by this exact stare-down the moment I open my eyes in the morning. She can’t wait to pounce and get the day started.

Maltipoo close up

Ok, for this last one I wasn’t technically upside down, but Tug was and he showed his playful nature.

This is another all-too-common sight for me, and even though I cringe thinking about all of the grass getting stuck to his fur, it always makes me smile. Doesn’t it make you wonder what he’s thinking?


9 thoughts on “Changing Perspectives: An October Photo Challenge Update

  1. twenty-something

    Loving your photos! Isn’t it funny how a city can feel so big but when you step back and fit it all into a photo it suddenly seems so small? Orlando is the same way for me. Your dogs are too cute, Bally does the exact same thing as Tug all the time!



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