Home is where the love is

Since I felt like days three and four of the October Photo Challenge were closely linked, I decided to consolidate and do a joint post…

Wednesday’s prompt was home, and although I had actually taken this photo a week or so before the challenge began, I knew it was perfect.Β Aaron works as a district manager in retail, which translates to long hours and plenty of travel. I don’t think he has ever beat me home, but our three dogs are always there to greet me with plenty of kisses and tail wags so hard that their little behinds sway side to side. Having them as my daily welcoming committee truly feels like home.

Tug the brindle pit bull in the window

Hi, Tug! (Please excuse the dirty, dog nose smeared window!)

For today’s prompt, love, I couldn’t imagine a better set of models than my little family.

Three dogs couch

Bella, Jetta, Tug, and Aaron

The fact alone that Aaron let me take several photos right after he woke up is enough to show love! (Thanks for being such a great sport, honey!)

Do you have any pets? Do you consider them a part of your family?


12 thoughts on “Home is where the love is

  1. Stephanie

    Aw that’s love right there!! Nice shot of Tug in the window -that’s just priceless.

    I have 2 dog and 2 senior cats. We also have a 3rd dog at the moment that we are fostering for a local rescue. I’m a bit animal-crazy.

  2. twenty-something

    How cute! I love this. We’ve only had Bally, our dog, for a little over a week but she already feels like a member of the family. I just love how excited she is to see us everyday and taking a nap with a dog is way more fun than taking a nap alone. πŸ™‚


  3. laurenann05

    Love that last picture! My dog used to always look out the window in my first apartment (the window looked out to my parking space) and I loved seeing her face when I would get home from work.

    1. Lauren

      Me too. The windows can be annoying to keep clean, but I have to admit I love seeing their noses pressed against the window!


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