Nearing the End of the October

I can’t believe that October is almost over! Anyone else feel like it was just the first week of fall?

The last couple of prompts in the October were definitely more difficult for me. Or maybe it was just the bokeh shot that through me for a loop…

Day 22: Bokeh

Creating a bokeh effect was the most difficult photo I’ve attempted to date. I still don’t think I quite got it, but my patience was waning. This is definitely a skill I’d love to master in the future!

Day 23: Dark

I took this photograph in Charlottesville at Jefferson Vineyards. After a tasting, we sat on the lawn and enjoyed a bottle of wine and the sunset. It was so peaceful and serene.

Jefferson Vineyards Charlottesville

Day 24: Black and White

Because y’all know I can’t go a week or so without sneaking a dog photo onto the blog, Jetta was my model. With her jet black hair and white muzzle, she was the perfect subject for a black and white.

Jetta black dog

Day 25: Bright

I’ve been a bit disappointed at the lack of changing leaves on our tree-lined street. (Why is our block randomly so green?!) So when I drove through the Fan area of Richmond and came across some gorgeous orange and yellow leaves I had to snap a photo.

Day 26: Old

The Sir Christopher Wren Building at the College of William and Mary is one of the oldest buildings in the country and also happens to be where Aaron and I got married! I can’t express how much I love this old building.

Williamsburg Wren Building

*Day 27: New

This mural is fairly new to the Canal Walk of Richmond and was painted by various artists last spring. I never tire of walking by these and discovering little details I had previously missed.

Richmond Canal Walk Street Art

Day 28: Hard

A friend of mine actually snapped these for me, but they are so fitting for the prompt. Taking photos with my husband is nearly impossible. We’re forever laughing at each other, and we always end up with a goofy series like the ones below. One acceptable photo out of five is pretty spot on.

He’s talking

Now I’m talking

He’s talking again

Ahhh. He’s driving me crazy!

…And we have our one acceptable photo

What do you find to be the most difficult part of photography? Do you have any bokeh tips for a newbie?

*Edited to add day 27. Somehow I skipped over it! Oops. 🙂


31 thoughts on “Nearing the End of the October

  1. Rachel

    haha the last few photos are so cute! Taking photos of a couple (whether it be friends or those in a relationship) is always frustrating since one person is always talking or blinking!

    1. Lauren

      YES. We go through it all the time. I don’t know why it’s so impossible for us to just stand there for a moment and smile!

  2. nellie

    Oh, my fave this week is the doggie photo. Even though you had trouble with the bokeh, it looks like you kind of got the bokeh effect on the floor of the doggie photo.

  3. Vikki @ Little Loves

    Awww your pup is the cutest and LOVE that Autumn (or Fall as you guys say!) leaves photo. It is my favourite time of year when the leaves are changing colours! xxx

  4. Pearls & Lace

    Bokeh is definitely not easy to achieve, but you did a good job for a first attempt! I’m not sure what lens you’re shooting with but I get the best bokeh with my 50mm F/1.8 lens. Try to shoot with the lowest f-stop possible with your lens. Great pictures!

    xo jen

    1. Lauren

      Thanks for the recommendation. I think that was part of my problem. I was just using my kit lens, but my next investment is going to be a wide aperture lens!


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