Counting My Blessings

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m taking a moment to reflect on all of the things I’m grateful for. Honestly, I don’t have much to complain about and admit that I’m pretty damn blessed. So in effort to keep things short ‘n’ sweet, I’m keeping my list to a top five. (Plus, depending on when you’re reading this, I know that tryptophan-induced coma could set in any moment. And if you had that second glass of wine over dinner? Well, I’ll just hope you read at least one before passing out.)

5.) The holidays are officially in full-swing! This time of year is my absolute favorite. The spirit of giving and spending time with family warm my heart. Plus my birthday and Christmas are rapidly approaching, and I’m definitely not one of those people who will ever outgrow wanting to celebrate my birthday. So forget training for my next race because I’m pickin’ up marathon shopping! Finding the perfect gift is so rewarding, and I love bopping around town with Christmas music on repeat (much to the chagrin of my friends, of course).

4.) My puppies. Yes my canine family drives me crazy, especially when B won’t stop barking, I find Tuggy has chewed yet another button while I slept, and Jetta won’t give me an inch of space. But they’re my furbabies, and nothing can replace the unconditional love that they provide. Besides when my hubby refuses to watch another episode of Grey’s Anatomy, who else is going to keep me company on the couch?!

3.) My parents. At the risk of being a braggart, I have some freaking awesome parents, y’all. Sure they made me take that dang SAT class when my friends were relaxing. And yea, I had the earliest curfew out of any other one of my friends, but because they pushed me and had high expectations, I was able to have high expectations of myself. They made me who I am today, and there are no words that properly articulate how amazing it is to have that kind of support.

2.) My sister. I was an only child for most of my childhood, and I’m not saying that I would’ve been one of those spoiled, selfish types without her, but man, she certainly changed me for the better. Sure, I’m still pretty type-A, but it’s almost like having her around chilled me out a bit. (Well except for that time she mixed the Play-Doh colors together. That still gives me nightmares.) But in all seriousness she’s taught me patience and shown me the kind of loyalty you can only imagine.

1.) My husband. At the risk of writing two ooey-gooey love letters in one week, I’ll just say that I love you. You may never know all the reasons why (and heck, I might not even fully understand all of them), but I’m blessed to have you in my life. XXOO.

Did you make it through to the end? Good! Because I have a bonus: I’m thankful for you, my lovely readers, who somehow find my writing somewhat interesting (or at least kinda like my clothes). 😉 Reading your comments makes my day, so thanks y’all!

Now go grab another scoop of stuffing, and break out the pumpkin pie. Happy Thanksgiving!


5 thoughts on “Counting My Blessings

  1. Stephanie

    Awww that’s a great list of blessings to be grateful for! I love that your doggies keep you company. Same here. They kept me company all through the wedding planning when I would watch every wedding-related show on tv.


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