J.Crew Post-Thanksgiving Finds

I’ve got a secret.

J Crew Warehouse sale 2012 Lynchburg, VA

I have an obsession for J.Crew.

Wait. Not a secret? Yea, I didn’t think so.

Lynchburg, VA warehouse sale

Over the past couple years my love for all things J.Crew has grown exponentially. Unfortunately my expendable income has not increased quite as rapidly, and I’m sure any wallet-conscious shopper knows that J.Crew items often come with a hefty price tag. Enter my real little secret: the J.Crew Warehouse Sale.

After Thanksgiving J.Crew Warehouse

I readily admit that I’m no Black Friday shopper. Large crowds often test my patience, and I can’t even fathom trampling another person to get a TV half-price, but for the past two years I’ve made the two hour trek from Richmond to Lynchburg for their after Thanksgiving sale, and this year I definitely came out a winner. Examples of my finds? A leather skinny belt priced at $32.50, which I purchased for $5 and a J.Crew Collection color block shift dress priced at $298, for which I paid $35. Yeap, you read it right: $35. That’s nearly a 90% discount.

See this smile on my face?

J.Crew shift and belt

It’s a perma-grin that will carry me through to the New Year.

Has anyone else ever attended a warehouse or sample sale? What is your favorite post-Thanksgiving find?


19 thoughts on “J.Crew Post-Thanksgiving Finds

  1. Shayla

    I’m totally envious of how close you are to the warehouse! I just bought my first online J. Crew Factory purchase (stupidly, when the sale was at 30% and not 50%) and now it’s stuck four hours out from me thanks to bad weather.

  2. albucco10

    Like you, I’m obsessed with all things J. Crew…except the prices! Unless it’s a really special piece, I rarely buy things at full price from there, but they DO have great sales, especially at the factory store. I can’t believe how great you scored!

    The Glossy Life

  3. Stephanie

    Ole great deal!!!! You look fabulous in that dress Lauren. I love how you accessorized it with a yellow belt; I would never think of stuff like that. Your blog is truly inspiring to me.

  4. Wore Out

    I’m incredibly jealous of your warehouse sale finds! The color block dress is beautiful on you and the yellow belt is the perfect pop of color. This year I kept my after holiday shopping to a minimum and only bought stuff for the house instead of my closet.

    1. Lauren

      Absolutely! Come on out. I’ve taken my best friend the past couple years, but she’s not much a shopper. I need someone committed! 😉

  5. Niki

    Great finds! I am the same way – I find myself loving J.Crew more and more, but my wallet just isn’t keeping up these days! I love that dress and the way you paired the yellow belt with it!

  6. shanna schneider

    You are so naturally gorg!!! And I still haven’t jumped on the J.Crew train….not sure why….I love what all the bloggers, including you post, I think I just can’t handle the prices….maybe I will win the lotto one day! LOL!! Love this looks!

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