Layer It On

Nope, today we’re not talking clothes (although I am wearing them in this post, don’tyouworry). Today it’s all about the jewelry.

I think y’all know that I have a penchant for statement necklaces. There’s nothing quicker or easier than adding one bold accessory to instantly make me feel like I actually put effort into my look. But what about dainty jewels? Don’t they deserve some love too?

work wear with layered jewelry

Cardigan: J.Crew, Top: J.Crew Factory (on the cheap), Pants: J.Crew Factory Skimmer, Shoes: Tory Burch (similar), Necklaces: Stella & Dot On the Mark, Ever After, and Demi Layering Necklace

On the mark, Ever After, Demi Layering

Sure, they’re not as eye-catching and flashy, but I think they add just as much visual interest to a look. Plus piling them on won’t make you look coocoocachoo like layering a bunch of statement pieces would.

layer necklaces with J. Crew leopard and red

Yea, they’re a little more work. (Heaven forbid I have to clasp three necklaces rather than one!) But they certainly make me feel feminine and girly.

So let’s give some love to the un-statement jewels: dainty, classic, and sweet. I’m going to make a point to put these pieces back into rotation.


30 thoughts on “Layer It On

  1. Meg

    i much prefer the un-statement necklaces, i like dainty necklaces for subtle pieces here and there, nothing that screams here is my necklace, do you see my necklace? is it big enough for you to see? i love the necklace you are wearing

  2. Margaret L

    I always feel like statement pieces make my neck look short- so I love the dainty pieces. I have a silver one with a little dangly heart that my husband got me a few years ago, and it’s my go to piece for most outfits.

    I do love the little arrow one you have!

  3. Maya

    I am loving your outfit! I definitely have both that top and the sweater, I’m kinda a J.Crew addict {I’m on the road to recovery though, hehe}. Have a fabulous weekend love!


    1. Ilvina

      I LOVE these necklaces… I have atclauly ordered three of them! (Crazy, I know… I ordered two and then the Glitter Guide one came out and I had to have that too.) Can’t wait for them to come!

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