Six Months.

A short six months ago around five pm, I walked down the aisle of William and Mary’s Wren Chapel toward my groom.

I vowed to love, honor, keep, and comfort him. I think about those vows every day.

J Crew yellow chiffon bridesmaids

Yes, we’re only six months in, but Aaron, somehow I love you more today than I did May 19. I didn’t think I could possibly love you more, but you keep finding ways to chip away at my heart.

No, things aren’t always perfect. I know I’m far from being the perfect wife. I can be cranky and short. I get hangry, and I’m downright grouchy when I haven’t had enough sleep, but you love me anyway.

We’ve only just begun our lifelong journey together, but I’m incredibly excited about our future. As long as you’re by my side, I’m pretty sure I can weather just about anything.


12 thoughts on “Six Months.

  1. Rachel

    This is so sweet! You looked gorgeous, of course- and I love the yellow bridesmaid dresses (it’s my favorite color!) Congrats on your 6 month anniversary!

  2. Pearls and Lace

    Beautiful post Lauren and happy six month anniversary! You were married on our anniversary (before we got married). This makes me think of how soon our six month anniversary is too!

    xo jen

  3. Maya

    awwww congratulations! You looked beautiful, and it’s so good that you’re just as happy and in love 6 months in as you were that day. Hope you celebrate today!


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