“Accessories make the outfit.”

I know I’ve heard the phrase over and over, and I’ve probably even spoken the words a time or two. And for the most part, I believe it. Two women can take the sames jeans and top and turn them into two entirely different looks by accessorizing. I think that’s what I kind of love about blogging outfits: sharing how I’ve taken something off the rack that hundreds, thousands, or however many people have and how I’ve made it my own.

H&M cream flowly blouse with pencil skirt

But at the same time, I occasionallyΒ find myself struggling. I’m somewhat of a simple girl. I like classic pieces and don’t take too many style risks because that’s just not my personality. Sure, I love layering on a cardi, skinny belt, or statement necklace, but some days I’m more comfortable in a pair of studs and a single bangle.

work wear black and white simple sophisticated

And honestly, I’m kind of cool with it. I don’t mind being more timeless than trendy. It may not make for a super-interesting fashion post, but hey it’s honest. And it’s me.

How would you describe your style? Are you an accessories queen, clean and simple, or somewhere in between?


27 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. Olivia

    I try to keep it somewhere in between when it comes to accessories and I love your look here! Great post!

    xo Olivia
    This Looks Good On You

  2. Rachel

    I personally like simple jewelry- I never undersand the bloggers who wear crazy “arm parties” with every outfit. It’s like “stop trying so hard!”

  3. respect the shoes

    What a pretty top! I love all the detailing on it!

    I’d say that blogging def got me into layering it on – before blogging, I barely had any jewelry or other accessories – I guess I am playing catch-up now!

    1. Lauren

      I agree with you! I think blogging has made me pay more attention to little details like selecting the right earrings or bangles.

  4. Pearls & Lace

    I agree that accessories can totally change an outfit! I’ve noticed through following your posts that you tend to keep it simple when accessorizing and I really like it since I’m very much the same way. A couple bracelets and a nice pair of earrings usually rounds out my accessories although I am trying to branch out a little with a few more statement pieces…we’ll see how it goes!

    xo jen

  5. Evani

    Hi Lauren! I’m stopping by your blog for the first time and I’m so glad i did! You have such a beautiful layout. I know what you mean about the accessories, I have a hard time taking time to put more on when I am more of a classic and simple type of dresser. But I love the outfit you have on and the earrings look great! πŸ™‚


  6. Maria Celina

    I am more of a bright colours plus accessories type of girl, but I really like how fresh you look in this particular look. It’s really the crisp white shirt that made the whole thing!


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