Merry Birthdaymas To Me

I’ve been hinting at this pretty much all month long, but it’s finally here: my birthday! Yes, I’m a Christmas Eve baby, and I’ll go ahead and answer your question: no, it does not suck. Actually it’s quite the contrary. Having a birthday so close to Christmas has always made celebrating the holidays that much more special.

This evening we will be hosting our second annual dinner party with close friends, and tomorrow Aaron and I will be having Christmas with his family. I hope y’all are having a relaxing vacation surrounded by loved ones. Be sure to enjoy a Christmas cocktail (or two!) and have a very blessed Christmas!



17 thoughts on “Merry Birthdaymas To Me

  1. Stephanie


    And Merry Christmas to you and your husband (and the doggies)!! That’s such a lovely photo of you on your wedding day. xoxo

  2. Jen {Pearls and Lace}

    Happy birthday Lauren!!! It’s been so nice getting to know you over the past few months! I wish you and Aaron a wonderful Christmas spent with family and friends!

    xo jen

  3. Molly

    Happy birthday! Adam’s birthday is the 20th, and the only part that sucks about it is that it’s hard to throw him a birthday party because people go out-of-town for the holidays. Hope you had a great birthday and Christmas!


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