Alyssa’s 2013 Style Resolutions

Welcome the lovely Alyssa from The Glossy Life!

Hi Fizz and Frosting readers! I’m Alyssa, popping over from The Glossy Life to help Lauren ring in 2013 in style. I was so excited when she reached out about this guest post––style resolutions for 2013 are something I was planning on challenging myself to, and what better way to be held accountable than to share my resolutions with you all! These are all admittedly fairly simple, but I can’t wait to give them a shot–make sure I stick to it!

  1. Wear more color: Standing in front of my closet the other day, I came to the realization: I’ve become a New Yorker. Everything was, you guess it–black. It’s not that I don’t have favorite colors–I love yellow, red and any pastel that comes my way, but I’ve built a wardrobe that can be describe generously as neutral. Ick. Nothing wrong with that, but I’d love for the color of my wardrobe to match my personality and style. I see a bright 2013 coming.
  2. Heels, heels, heels!: I’m a flats girl, through and through. Between commuting and multiple knee surgeries, it seems like a natural choice, yet every time a strap on a pair of heels, I feel more–I don’t know. Taller? Sassier? Girlier? Whatever it is–I want more of it!
  3. Hello, scary styles: I’m pretty adventurous–there’s usually nothing I won’t try once, but there are a few styles that scare me every now and then. Hats? They look terrible on me. Leather pants? Not sure they’ll be friendly to my rear end. This year, I want to take more risks and try fashions that make me a bit nervous. You never know what you’ll end up loving!

  1. Bold lips, 24/7: I usually reserve lipstick for fancy occasions, like a night out with the girls or a date, but for 2013, I’m looking to go bold with my lips more often. I’ve already begun to stock up my collection!
  2. Closet shopping: I’ve worked the past few years on buying investment pieces to build my wardrobe, so the goal in 2013 is to shop my closet instead of shopping in stores. I’m hoping it will force me to become more creative with my clothes and learn where the “holes” still exist–only then will I go shopping (maybe…)!

Thank you, Alyssa! Be sure to drop by The Glossy Life. A DIY guru, fashionista, and baker extraordinaire, Alyssa has something for everyone on her gorgeous blog!


36 thoughts on “Alyssa’s 2013 Style Resolutions

  1. Kristina

    Great resolutions!! I want to try to wear heels more often too. I think maybe it’s time to start moving some of my heels under my desk at work to slip on after my commute – because really, I’m never going to put on heels to run around the city all day!!


    Kristina does the Internets

  2. Olivia

    These are some great fashion resolutions..I want to try some bolder styles too!!

    xo Olivia
    This Looks Good On You

  3. Jen {Pearls and Lace}

    Wearing heels is one of my biggest goals for 2013 as well! I should definitely add closet shopping to my list since I’m beginning not to have any room left for new clothes! Great resolutions Alyssa, thanks for sharing!

    xo jen

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  5. Stephanie@ twenty-something

    These are all great resolutions Alyssa! I need to work on building up my wardrobe so that I can shop my own closet more often.

    1. Alyssa

      SUCH a lure! Usually, I try to make sure I can imagine wearing a piece at least three different ways with things I already own. It works pretty well!

  6. Maya

    Yes to closet shopping! I’m hoping to buy less and liven up some of my pieces that I haven’t worn for awhile in unique ways. Also, obviously a fan of this layout – gold and hot pink for the win!


  7. Stephanie

    Great list of resolutions! I want to incorporate more color into my wardrobe too… including a pair of colored heels. Cheers to breaking out of fashion ruts. Have a great day!

  8. Franziska

    getting into more color was definitely something that took a bit of practice for me – I was doing dark alllll the time ( and I’m pretty far away from NYC haha). Playing around with new colors has been so much fun and its not like you have to go crazy with them! just little pieces here and there. good luck!


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