High Five for Friday

fizz and frosting high five for friday

1. On Sunday, Carytown is hosting their first ever Craft Beer Festival! I admit, I’m more of a wine girl, but Aaron has really gotten into trying different craft beers. Carytown also just happens to be one of the best places to boutique shop. Coincidence? I think not.

2. I’ve gotten back into braids. Maybe it’s the warmer weather, but I’ve been wearing them. A LOT.

3. KEDS! My hubby was sweet enough to bring me home some bright red Keds from work. It brings me back to 1990, and I love it. (Don’t worry, I will not be pairing them with layered pairs of scrunchy socks.)

4. I finally found an updated denim jacket! Thank you, Old Navy.

5. The Monument 10K is Saturday! It is the eighth largest race in the U.S. with about 40,000 participants and the most fun race I’ve ever run. Completely lined with bands and spectators, the energy is infectious. I can’t wait to hit the pavement cobblestone Saturday morning!

What are your weekend plans?


42 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

  1. AJ

    Haha I love the scrunchie socks comment! Your hair looks awesome in those braids, and it sounds like you have a fun and busy weekend! Can’t wait to see how yous style your new denim jacket!


  2. Hailey

    Those keds are adorable! I have tried on that Old Navy denim jacket probably 3 times! The sleeves are just too long and keep thinking if I just get it and roll them up I will like it??!!?? Now I’m just talking myself into it. 🙂 My hubby loves craft beers and only really drinks the {fancy} ones, at least that’s what I call them since they aren’t available everywhere!
    Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick

  3. Alyssa

    Um, I’d like to tag along on that beer festival trip, please–so fun! Also, love your Keds! I got a pair that are red and polka dot for spring and I love them so much!

  4. Taryn

    Stopping by from the FMGD link-up. High five!

    I love the shoes! I need a bright colored pair – they pop and make every outfit look better.

  5. Dina Karivalis (@DKarivalis)

    Ive been super into braids as well! Have a fabulous weekend.
    xo Dina
    Sweetest Somethings

  6. A Very Sweet Blog

    Hey Lauren!!! You have a jam packed fun filled weekend. Have a great time at the race and beer festival. Love your red Keds! I was always a fan of those. Fabulous jean jacket. I’m going to a Strawberry festival tomorrow. Can’t wait. Take care and you look fabulous in braids.

  7. Sharon

    Your red Keds are adorable! I wore Keds like craaazy in the 4th grade. I think it’s so funny that Keds and denim jackets are back in again. Have a great weekend!

    1. Lauren

      Yea, cobblestone is not my favorite, but from what I remember a good deal of it is brick so that’s definitely better!

  8. Jenna

    I love the braided hair! It’s so clean and summery, and boy am I ready for summer. Good luck on your 10K this Saturday. Kick some booty!


  9. Nikki

    Sounds like a fun weekend! We went to a beer tasting event at the zoo last year and it was so much fun! Who knew there were so many types? (Oh yeah, my husband… the beer connoisseur). I love your red Keds! I have been into all the cute Keds coming back! I want a pair too!

    Have a great weekend!


  10. Rachel

    I love craft beers- especially the ones that have notes of fruit in them (or whatever the proper way to say it is). Also love your braid- I am NOT that talented with braids!

  11. Agi

    Love the jean jacket. GOod luck at the race this weekend. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a $300 gift card to Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic.



  12. Meg Cady

    Oh my my man would be all over that craft beer festival! We love us some craft beer!!!
    I love your cute red Keds… scrunchie socks… now those were the days!!!

    Happy Weekend!

  13. anngelik

    I love braids! I wish I could do the very complicated ones instead of the simple side braid haha. Yours looks great!


  14. Niki

    I loveee craft beers! That sounds like so much fun! And I love your hair! I need to start venturing out with the hair, I will wear it down, in a ponytail or simple messy braid, or pull my bangs back. I really need to do more!

  15. Alyssa

    Ahhhh I LOVE Carytown!!! I have several friends that used to live in Richmond and it was definitely my favorite place to go shop. A beer festival there would be AWESOME.

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