High Five for Friday!


1. I’ve been on a bit of a dark chocolate kick lately. (In fact, I might just be munching on a piece at this very moment…) A couple of these bricks with my cup of tea is the perfect dessert.

2. “Steal My Show.” This song has really spoke to me lately. I’ve been jamming to it each morning on the way to work, and it really starts my day off on the right foot.

3. Bikini So Teeny! I picked up this polish a couple weeks back, but I still haven’t had the chance to paint my nails. I’m ready to remedy that situation. This weekend I’m going to indulge in a little pampering.

4. I had a great wine-filled dinner with a girlfriend this week. There is something so therapeutic about a long conversation over dinner and drinks with your best friend.

5. Couch cuddle times. Curling up with my pups is one of my favorite parts of the weekend. I’m pretty sure it’s Tug’s favorite too. (Trust me, he climbed into that position all on his own.)

What were the highlights of your week? Doing anything exciting this weekend?

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27 thoughts on “High Five for Friday!

  1. Niki

    Bikini So Teeny has to be one of my absolute favorite polishes!!! I fell in love with it last summer and wore it allll the time! I haven’t broken it out yet this year, I may have to change that ASAP!

  2. Dina Karivalis (@DKarivalis)

    woo hoo for Friday! Love that nailpolish color. Have a great weekend!
    xo Dina
    Sweetest Somethings

  3. Nikki

    I want Bikini So Teeny!! I saw it on someone and loved it! I must find it. And cuddling with my pups is pretty much my favorite part of my week too. Mine love to snuggle and get tummy rubs.
    Have a great weekend!


  4. Agi

    Loving the nail polish and glass of wine. I could totally use a glass of wine right about now.



  5. AJ

    YAY for wine nights with girlfriends! And cuddle time with a pup on the couch is the best. I can’t wait to see how you like that color polish!


  6. ChinkyGirLMeL

    I am currently obsessed with dark chocolate as well, particularly dark chocolate truffles. yum!!!! it is 1am on my side of the world and I’m so tempted to grab some chocolate truffles. hehehehe


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