Top 5 Color Me Rad Tips

Are you prepping for your first Color Me Rad, Color Run, or Run of Dye 5k? As a two time Color Me Rad runner, there are definitely some things that I wish I had known my first go round.

Top five Color Me Rad Tips - Going to your first color run? These race tips will get your prepped for the fun! |

tips and tricks for your first color run

1. Do not expect a PR or set a goal finish time. Sure, it may be considered a “race,” but it’s a super-casual event. From my experience, most participants are walkers. If you set a race goal, you’ll just end up frustrating yourself with weaving in and out of the crowds. Instead, set out to enjoy yourself and get tie-dyed.

2. Wear sunglasses. You know those cheapie glasses they provide? Wear ’em. And while you’re at it, try to hold your breathe while running through the color stations. Breathing in corn starch is no picnic. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

top 5 color run advice

3. Bring a damp towel in a bag. When you get to your vehicle, towel off as much of the color as you can. The less color that sinks into your skin, the better.

4. Go straight home and shower. As much as you’ll want to go grab lunch or a few drinks in your tie-died state, showering is the best option. The longer you wait for the color to set in, the longer you’ll be in the shower. After my first Color Me Rad, a 45-minute scrub session couldn’t even remove the caked-on layers of color. I’m pretty sure I lost at least one layer of skin. Don’t be like me: shower immediately!

5. Bring a change of clothes. Yes, this might be common sense for the habitual racer, but you’ll appreciate it even more when your clothes are covered in color powder. Unless you have clothes replacements, your floorboard, seat, and seat belt will be depositing tie-dye on you the next time you get in your car. Besides, who wants to towel off and then be stuck in dirty clothes?! Not this girl.

Now you’re ready for color run success!color run advice


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22 thoughts on “Top 5 Color Me Rad Tips

  1. Lou (whatlouwore365)

    I have no idea if we have a similar event in the UK with the coloured dye but the obstacle course/muddy/hilly/boggy events are so much fun, all the more so because the time pressure is off. I love being able to run/duck/dive/scramble under cargo nets/over obstacles/wade through mud without worrying about what time the watch will say. It’s so liberating!

    I would never be quick enough but there is an event (in Wales I think) called Race the Train and the fast runners are literally trying to make it back before the train does. I’d like to be ON the train watching them 🙂

    1. Molly

      That train race sounds awesome! I’m probably not fast enough to beat the train, but I once raced a bus back to my apartment during rush hour, and it felt pretty awesome to beat it.

  2. Alyssa

    I’ve always wanted to do one of these races–they look so fun, and the pictures are worth a thousand words! How did I never know it was corn starch they threw at you. Hm!

  3. Rachel

    I’m not much of a runner (it makes me loose too much weight which is NOT good for me!), but I know how hard it is, so I have total respect for people like yourself who constantly do these type of races! It seems like you’re always doing some fun race 🙂

  4. Bree

    Wow this sounds so intense, and no thank you the breathing in corn starch! And my oh my you’re definitely coloured rad =P Good for you for doing this run, you’re very impressive! x

  5. Leana

    I haven’t done a colour run but they look like so much fun! I had no idea that the colour set in and you had to hurry up and wash it off or you’ll be scrubbing for days. How did your shirts look after you washed them? Did they still keep some fun colour?

    Thanks for popping by and entering my giveaway!

    1. Lauren Post author

      I actually haven’t washed my shirt yet from this year yet (oops!), but I’ve heard that it comes off. For last year’s shirt, I dipped it in vinegar so that the tie-dye would be permanent!

  6. Agi

    I’ve heard of colour me Rad but i have never been able to attend. Looks like so much fun.

    Don’t forget to link up tomorrow and to enter my Stella & Dot giveaway.


  7. Ele @ InspirationEle

    Great tips! I did the Run or Dye run a few months ago, and I do recommend going home immediately if you don’t want strange stares. I headed out to Chipotle with a friend right afterwards and got questions from strangers and crazy looks the whole time. I did however avoid a messy car, by taking the train. I promise, I wiped the seat off before I left! Maybe the “dye” they used was different, because it didn’t stain too bad…these tips will be helpful for someone headed out for the first time, and it looks like you had fun! Love that the babe was brought along for the run 🙂 ….and the sunglasses were a must!


  8. Holi Colour Powder

    Colour run powder is made of very fine dust, which may get in your eyes. Protect your eyes by wearing laboratory protective eyewear, sunglasses or swim goggles. You may also have to scrub it harder to completely remove the dust. You may also wear gloves or a hat if you are going to report for work the next day.


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