Yay or Nay: Subtle and Bold Pattern Mixing

When it comes to most trends out there, you’ll probably never see me being an “early adopter.” I have a more classic style, incorporating the trends I like and completely disregarding those that aren’t really me. But what about y’all? I’d love to check in with you from time to time to see when my fashion sense is spot on and when I might be missing out on something great!

Today we’re talking pattern mixing, and I know it’s no surprise to you that I’m a fan. Need a reminder? (Probably not, but just indulge me.)

how to mix patterns


I tend to keep my pattern mixing fairly subtle by keeping in a similar color scheme, but there are some fashionistas out there with the go big or go home mentality. When they pattern mix, they make a statement.

wild pattern mix

1, 2

So tell me, do I need to step up my pattern mixing game?


18 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: Subtle and Bold Pattern Mixing

  1. Allie

    I like pattern mixing and have even started to do it a little with some “quieter” prints, but having two bold prints together always looks a little crazy to me, like I wouldn’t be able to pull it off in real life!

  2. Louise

    I voted hours ago on my phone but hate leaving comments from there so switched to the PC. I agree with you re: subtle pattern mixing. I like a stripe and floral or dots and stripes. I have a really, really old black skirt with small white polka dots that I tend to use as a neutral so I’ll wear all manner of patterns, tops, cardis etc with it but anything else I’ll stick with a subtle mix. My husband still sometimes looks a bit pained when I mix dots and leopard for example 🙂

  3. Andi

    Most of the time, I would lean towards the more subtle print mixing. I think the colors have to be somewhat related, or it starts to look like a mess. I really like the examples you have worn, but the other examples aren’t my style.

  4. AJ

    I’m all about the subtle mixing. I’m like you, my style is a little more preppy/classic then trendy, so I tend to ease into things. I like your pattern mixing recap!


  5. Whitley S.

    I love pattern mixing!! And your striped blazer with the gingham is perfect! Definitely stay with you, you pair colors, patterns and silhouettes wonderfully without looking like you played spin the bottle with your closet 🙂

    Simply Whit in a Sequined Life

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