High Five for Friday!

fizz and frosting high five

1. I’m prepping for vacation! I snagged this bikini from J.Crew at an additional 30% off when it was already on sale! Plus I had a gift card, holla!

2. It’s strawberry season. I’m eating them for dessert, on salads, pretty much non-stop. YUM.

3. My husband insists on eating ice cream out of mugs. At first I thought he was strange, but I’m kinda digging it now. They’re better for serving sizes too!

4. I’m getting a mani-pedi this weekend! I seriously cannot wait. My nails are in serious need of some TLC.

5. Along those same lines, I’m also getting my hair done! I’m not doing anything special, so don’t be expecting big changes, but I’m looking forward to a fresh cut!

Any big weekend plans to share?


30 thoughts on “High Five for Friday!

  1. AJ

    YAY for vacation! And if I could only eat 2 things all summer, strawberries and watermelon would be it!


  2. Taryn

    That bathing suit is awesome! I’ve never looked at J. Crew’s selection before.. might have to check that out now. I’m planning on seeing The Great Gatsby tomorrow and actually would really like to get a mani/pedi, too – it’s been a reaallllly long time since my nails got some TLC. Happy Friday!

  3. Allie

    Just trying to catch up on everything that didn’t happen this week. We had family in town M-W, and now everything is a wreck!

  4. Niki

    Oh my gosh – I thought I was the only human on earth that eats ice cream out of a mug! I don’t like it any other way (although one of the smaller plastic cups will do in a pinch). That’s so funny!!!

  5. Agi

    Looking forward to going over to a girlfriend’s house to overhaul her closet and then to celebrate mother’s day on Sunday.



  6. Maya

    Finally catching up from this week and loving your posts! Can’t wait to hear more about vacation – you deserve some time off! Also, love the new haircut, so chic and ‘you’!



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