My Top Five Lazy Day Hairstyles

There is just something about the warmer months, when I spend a little less time attempting to tame my mane. Maybe it’s the insane amount of heat and humidity that I don’t feel like battling or maybe it’s just pure laziness. Regardless of the reason, I’ve found these top five quick fixes to get me out of the door without looking like a complete mess.

1. The naturally dried waves. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on how you see it), my hair has natural wave to it. There are some days, (ahem, this morning), when the most I have time to do is spritz a little leave-in conditioner and add some frizz tamer before heading out the door. This is probably the laziest of all lazy hairstyles, and perhaps the most unkempt. But eh? Some days it just to create natural wavesOutfit details here

2. The plain ole pony.Β Whether worn low or high, it’s a classic that I’ve been rocking since pre-k. Why fight a good thing?how to wear classic ponytail as an adultOutfit details here

3. The braided pony. If I’m feeling a little extra fancy (aka. have two additional minutes), I’ll add a braid to my classic ponytail. There are several variations: the mini side braid, the french side braid, and the half french-half ponytail. If I’m super-fancy, I might even make that braided pony into a bun. More on that in a minute…how to add braids to a ponytailOutfit details here, here

4. The bun. For a while there, the sock bun and I were BFFs. I loved how thick and long it made my hair look, but lately I’ve been unfaithful. I find myself straying in favor of a messy bun. Don’t get me wrong, the sock bun still rocks, but now that my hair is a bit longer it looks pretty darn good in a regular bun. And messy buns are even quicker than sock buns, so maybe that explains to bun hairstylesOutfit details here, here

5. A braid. There are just so many endless options with braids, but as a creature of habit, I often stick with a french braid, a side braid or a side fishtail braid. The benefit of braids is that they can often turn into second-day hair waves. And who doesn’t love only styling their hair once in two days?how to wear side braidOutfit details here, here

Tell me, what are your favorite lazy day hairstyles?


31 thoughts on “My Top Five Lazy Day Hairstyles

  1. Alyssa

    So many great styles! I’m a big fan of a messy braid or top knot for lazy hair days. You’re lucky your natural waves are so pretty!

  2. Closet Fashionista

    My lazy day hairstyle is a low bun, or just letting it be straight (mine is naturally straight.) Or if I was lazy the night before it will be wavy because I put it in a bun after my shower instead of just letting it dry, ha ha

  3. Rachel

    Love all of these hairstyles Lauren and they are perfect for summer because I NEVER want to put too much effort into my hair with the humidity and everything πŸ™‚ Such a great post!

  4. Katie

    I have to say, I’m pretty jealous of your ability to wear all of these hair styles! My fine/thin and stick straight hair does not allow me to do most of these, with the exception of the bun/sock bun! At least I have that one going for me! πŸ˜‰ Haha!

  5. Rachel

    I wear my hair natural (aka no blow drying or heat tools) 90% of the time. Crazy, I know. So I love #1 since that’s my go-to as well!

  6. Molly Ever After

    My hair options are ponytail or down. I have fine hair that doesn’t hold curl, and I am terribly at getting it to stay in any sort of style. I need to find inspiration for a cute new hair cut because what I have now is just so boring.

    I’ll have to try the braided pony, though. I like that a lot, and I think I could handle it.

  7. Tessa Deyo

    I LOVE soft braids in the summer, it makes me wish I had long hair so I could make it cute! The only thing I can do with my hair is a tiny side-bang twist, great for pool days.

  8. Head to Toe Chic

    i love your different hair styles!! I can’t wait until my hair is long enough to do a side braid again. I go to is usually the mini side braid with a pony tail.


  9. Kammie @ Sensual Appeal

    I think you and I have the same kind of hair – except I get these annoying cow licks (is that wht they’re called? hairs that stick up, baby hairs kinda except theyre not super short anymore) and no matter what I do – they stick up on the sides of my head. annoying. these are GREAT tips though, I def get lazy w my hair sometimes but I dont like having it look bad. I haven’t done a braid yet. Maybe its time!

  10. Jen

    I couldn’t agree more with the naturally dried waves! That’s probably my most common lazy hair look – and the style I wore my hair the most in Hawaii. A part of me feels like if I wear my hair in beachy air dried waves, I’ll feel like I’m at the beach. I also love to rock a side braid if I want my hair out of my face at work.

    Ps. Thanks for the lovely comment on my anniversary post yesterday! You were a stunning bride too and I love that our anniversaries aren’t that far apart!

    xo jen

  11. AJ

    AJ lazy hair = hat! My hair is short so I can’t do any of these…but they all look so awesome on you!



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