Keswick and Barboursville Vineyards

On Sunday morning, we trekked overup to Charlottesville for our three hour limousine wine tour, where we visited Keswick, Horton, and Barboursville Vineyards. We began at Keswick since they open at nine am (yep, even on Sundays)!Charlottesville vineyardsWe had the tasting room and gardens to ourselves. I guess we were the only crazies snacking on wine and cheese instead of coffee and bagels.visit to Keswick vineyards Charlottesville

Wine tasting Keswick VineyardsOur entire experience at Keswick was wonderful. The grounds were gorgeous and the wine was delicious. The V Squared, a Verdejo and Viognier blend, was our favorite. Light and crisp, it was the perfect Summer sipping wine, and sip we did on the patio.Keswick WineOur second stop at Horton was pretty unremarkable. With over forty wines, you’re sure to find something that you like, but the service and experience weren’t much to speak of. In fact, I didn’t snap a single picture. If you’re into fruit wines, maybe make a stop. Otherwise, I’d skip it.

Our visit to Barboursville more than made up for our less than stellar experience at Horton. With gorgeous views, a restaurant on site, and a bevy of delicious wines, Barboursville is a can’t-miss stop in the Charlottesville area!Barboursville WIne TourWe sampled nineteen of their wines, and honestly, there was not a single one that I disliked (well except those pesky dessert wines, but they’re not my speed). Picking which bottles to take home with us was the hardest decision we had to make that day! (We ended up purchasing a bottle of Barbera Reserve and Sauvignon Blanc.)Charlottesville tasting room BarboursvilleCharlottesville Octagon roomOctagon room wine barrelsBest Charlottesville wineriesbeautiful views charlottesville wineAll in all our wine trip was a major success, and we can officially cross three more Virginia wineries off of our list!

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    1. Lauren Post author

      I’m glad I’m not alone! I always feel badly when I decline to try the sweet wines, but they just do not sit well with my stomach!

  1. Jenn

    It looks like you guys had such a great time! I’m dying to go to a winery. Some friends and I tried to do a little wine tasting once and we ended up completely lost and landed in the wrong place a few times before finally heading to a brewery instead haha a wine tour is definitely on my things to do list!

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