Family Weekend in Georgia

Wooo! I’m still reeling from the weekend. Aaron and I made an escape Thursday evening after work for a three-day family weekend in Georgia. It was a whirlwind but a much-needed reunion with my mom, sister, aunt, uncle, grandma and cousins. Choffin, BorgattiIt had been about a year since we’d all been together, and it was such a blessing to share the weekend together. Granny kept us in stiches, and everyone was fighting to hold the newest edition to our family – baby Mason.Granny and IBorgattis and MasonMom, Granny, BetsyMom, Morgan, and MasonNaturally, with the family together, things got a bit goofy. That’s what family is all about right?!Mom, Morgan, and Iscotchtape mustachesMorgan and IIt’s difficult living so far from family, but these little moments definitely keep me going!

How did y’all spend your weekend?

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24 thoughts on “Family Weekend in Georgia

  1. Closet Fashionista

    Yayyy, I do love family get togethers! Luckily I live close to my Mom’s side of the family (minus one set of cousins) and pretty close to all my Dad’s (except one set) so we see each other a good amount


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