Baseball Style

The husband and I went to our local (SF Giants affiliate) baseball game last night, so I figured it was the perfect opportunity to showcase a little baseball style!cute baseball outfitI’ve been watching baseball for as long as I can remember. From the Tucson Toros to the Texas Rangers to the Richmond Squirrels, attending baseball games has always been a part of my life. Unfortunately for my dad, my attention span only started to extend past the fifth or sixth inning once I reached college age. Sorry, Dad! At least I’m making up for lost time?casual cute outfit baseball gamecute baseball game outfitbaseball game lookLet’s go Squirrels!Richmond baseball giants affiliateTop: Retro Brand, Shorts: J.Crew, Hat: Retro Brand, Shoes: Keds

Are you a fan of baseball? What do you wear to games?

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27 thoughts on “Baseball Style

  1. Katie

    I’m not much for attending sporting games, but baseball is the one I seem to be able to handle…haha! Our baseball stadium is indoors, so I don’t usually end up wearing anything out of the ordinary. Dang, I’m boring!

  2. ash

    Love the red shorts! My Husband played AA ball for 5 years so I always attended games in similar outfits to this!


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