Texas Time

I am thoroughly overjoyed today. Why you ask? Because I am headed to the great state of Texas! I may be dating myself, but I don’t care. This weekend is all about my ten year high school reunion! I’ll be spending time with one of my oldest friends and reuniting with old classmates in the Big D.

It’s so hard for me to believe that it was ten years ago when Tessa and I got into ridiculously silly shenanigans.Β birthday cakeThere will be a little football to relive our drill team days…southlake carroll emerald belles…and a whole lot of reminiscing. I can’t wait!williamsburg weddingHappy weekend, y’all!


15 thoughts on “Texas Time

  1. Agi

    HOpe you have a fabulous time. Love the pictures from your blast from the past!!!!

    Have a great weekend.




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