Layer an Oxford with a Dress

I only went to private school for a few years as an elementary-aged child, but there is something about a dress layered with a button down that instantly takes me back to my youth. This classic combination made me feel like I should be skipping down the hallway with my best friends or at least be gossiping in the courtyard with the likes of Blair striped dress Keeping with the classic theme, I wore my new monogram bracelet from ONecklace. I’m sure you’ve seen my monogram necklace grace the blog plenty of times, but I’m loving this new addition to my jewelry collection. It’s such a sweet, dainty piece.button down with dressonecklace monogram braceletfall layers with a dresstarget white button downjeweled necklace Dress: Merona Ponte Striped Dress, Top: Merona Favorite Oxford, Shoes: J.Crew Valentina (similar), Necklace: Stella & Dot Somervell, Bracelet: Gold Plated Monogram Bracelet c/o ONecklace, Earrings: Stella & Dot Nancy Stud

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34 thoughts on “Layer an Oxford with a Dress

  1. Inge

    I’ve been layering button-downs under other shirts for just about forever, but only came across the idea of layering them under dresses about in early spring, when it was just becoming a bit too warm to do it. I’m looking forward to trying it with some of my dresses now that we are cooling off again.

  2. Tiffany

    And another outfit I seriously never would have considered until I see you wearing it!! This is adorable and totally my style but I never would have put it together!! Following your awesome blog is a detriment to my bank account!!

  3. Alyssa

    It’s funny–I had something super similar on this morning, and then I changed because I wasn’t sure if it worked. Now I wish I just kept it on, because you look adorable!

  4. Nicole

    SO inspired by the way you styled this dress! It keeps catching my eye when I see it at Target but I wasn’t sure how to style it and I love the way you did so thank you! 🙂

  5. Alicia

    That dress looks like it’s straight out of J.Crew, that is such a great find! I also love how you kicked it old school and layered it. I need to try this layering out!

  6. Agi

    Love this dress. Saw it at Target. Love the way you styled it.

    Dont’ forget to link up today to my weekly tres-chic fashion thursday link up.


  7. Evani

    I would totally take all of your jewelry in this outfit! The bracelet is so dainty and pretty while the necklace is bold. I need to step up my accessory game…

  8. Ali Mackin

    Yes this is a fun look and practical too. You can wear the dress by itself in warmer weather and with a shirt in cooler weather.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  9. Megan

    I love how you’ve styled this dress! I’ve had my eye on it at Target for awhile – I may just have to breakdown and get it!


  10. Jacy

    This is such a cute, preppy look! You look so put-together. And I love your dainty monogram bracelet! I just ordered a little gold initial bracelet and can’t wait to get it 🙂



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