That’s a Wrap

January is a hard month. I know I’m supposed to be all gung-ho about all the possibilities over the coming year (and I truly am!), but it’s still difficult. The holidays are over. It’s freezing cold. And worst of all, I know it’s going to be months on months on months before I have the chance to see my family in California again. And that make it hard. You would would think that after experiencing the same case of the blahs last year that I would be prepared. But here I am. I’ll never outgrow missing my family.H&M blue wrap dressLuckily I have a few things to help me “go through the motions” a bit easier. A fail-proof wrap dress, warm boots, and a smile made today a bit easier. The fact that I get a little weekend reprieve might just help too. TGIF, y’all. Bring on the weekend.wear wrap dress to worksilver medallion statement necklacewrap dress with tights and bootsheadband to workDress: H&M (similar), Tights: Express, Boots: Target (similar), Necklace: Stella & Dot Medina Bib, Bracelet: Stella & Dot Eden Bangle

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23 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap

  1. Alyssa

    I feel like January and February are the hardest months to get through by far. I know to help myself, I plan little things to look forward to, like a facial or a reservation at a restaurant I’ve been dying to try. It definitely helps me!

  2. Lyddiegal

    I agree, January is no picnic, but at least the days are starting to get longer and that little bit of hope is sometimes all you need. And a super easy wrap dress to slip into on a day when you just can’t figure out what to wear is a plus as well!

  3. Agi

    I’m sorry that you are home sick and missing your family. Hopefully you can skype them or face time them. January can be a hard month. All the excitement is gone and sometimes you’re left thinking, now what??? You look amazing though. Try delving into a project, i know that helps me.


  4. Christina

    Ca-YUTE outfit! I hear you about missing family! My side is in Seattle…but luckily I get to live in California! Once I moved out here for college a jillion years ago, I knew I was here for good! I had one year of living near my fam last year and it was awesome! I MISS them!!!

  5. Evani

    I hope you have a good weekend! Missing family is tough, I know that’s why I have the hardest time even considering living in a different city than them! Hope many more cute outfits come your way to ease the ache in your heart 🙂

  6. Susan Jeffries

    I am sorry that you miss your people. I lived far away from my family for five years and it never got easier. Although we hate cold weather, we moved back home so I could be close to my mom(: I would love to get a wrap dress for spring! It looks great on you! Susan

  7. Kaitlin

    Is your immediate family in California? That’s so hard! I’ve always lived in the same state as my family, but I know there’s a future possibility that we’ll have to move for my boyfriend’s job. If that happens, I know I’ll be in the same boat as you! On the bright side, you look so cute! Love this dress.


  8. Niki

    You look gorgeous in that dress, and I love the headband too! I’m sorry you’re missing your family. The winter blahs are definitely the worst!


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