18 Week Bumpdate

AKA. I Swear There is a Baby in There18 week bumpdate

I know I said this in my last bumpdate, but this pregnancy has been such a breeze so far! I’ve definitely been experiencing some common symptoms like itchy skin, lower belly cramping, and dizziness, but it’s really been nothing to complain about. (Hopefully I’m not jinxing myself! ;))

Weight gain has still been very minimal–only about five pounds. I’ve been staying pretty active by continuing to run and by doing some light weight lifting. In fact Berry, or Blueberry as my sister likes to call the baby, and I are running our second 10k together this weekend! The only major difference is that I’ve switched up to more of a Galloway Method (walk and run intervals).

Last week was the last time I could somewhat comfortably squeeze myself into my work pants, so I’m strictly in maternity pants from here on out. I still have a pair of jeans or two that fit, but now that my maternity jeans came in the mail, I’m not looking back! Those things are comfy, I tell ya.

Sleep has been pretty solid minus my 2 am potty breaks. My lower back has begun to ache though, so it’s probably about time that I invest in a good pregnancy pillow. (Move over, Aaron, there is gonna be a new cuddle buddy in town.)

And the most exciting thing so far? Starting to feel tiny little flutters in my belly. (They started last week!)


23 thoughts on “18 Week Bumpdate

  1. Alyssa

    Haha your opening line, “I swear there’s a baby in there” made me laugh! You are totally glowing–and how exciting you’re feeling kicks! So thrilled for you.

  2. chrisitna

    You are looking great! Yes, the exercise is your best friend! I had to take a break during my first trimester-I was so tired and nauseous but then I was BACK! Looking forward to my first post-baby race!

  3. Paige

    Little baby flutters are the best! I think mine started at the same time! And I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who is itchy! My skin has been driving me crazy!

  4. Sofia

    18 weeks you look amazing. I hope you are feeling good and no morning sickness. Keep these updates coming I love it.

    Have a wonderful day.



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