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Ever struggle with what to wear in the mornings? Do you spend entirely too long agonizing over the weather, your closet, and finding an outfit that meets the days needs? If you’re wondering, this is pretty much me in a nutshell. I am the queen of last-minute dressing. And with the weather flip-flopping lately, it’s become even worse. I never know whether to reach for short sleeves or for a heavy sweater!

But when I was recently contacted by StyleUp to feature their site, I was beyond thrilled. I mean, who wouldn’t want some daily style inspiration tailored specifically to both her local weather and her lifestyle?

StyleUpStyleUp Fashion AdviceSigning up is free and easy. You create an account with your email address, share your zip code, and pick out your style. (I chose corporate professional!)StyleUp style profileAs your outfits come in daily, you can rate them so StyleUp learns your personal style preferences. Or you can even start rating directly after logging in to get your style perfected even sooner!

And if you sign up, guess whose looks you just might come across? Perhaps a familiar face?fizz and frosting on styleup(It’s totally acceptable to love your own looks right? ;))

So make sure you check out StyleUp! You can also connect with them via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!



11 thoughts on “Sponsor Feature: StyleUp

  1. Nina

    Oh I love the idea of this – definitely going to check it out! I plan out my whole weeks worth of outfits on Sunday because I’m a crazy person. But, it does make for easy dressing in the am when I don’t like to feel rushed!

    xo, Nina

  2. April McHenry

    I joined a couple weeks ago and really like it. I might not wear exactly what they suggest, but it’s nice to get suggestions that get you thinking outside of your normal box.

  3. kendall

    Hello everyone! It makes me so happy to see you guys liking what we do here at StyleUp. If you ever have any suggestions or questions, feel free to email me directly at Kendall@thestyleup.com. It’s a real pleasure to get to share amazing styles with inspiring women across the world.

    XO Kendall, StyleUp CEO & Founder


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