20 Week Bumpdate

Halfway done folks!20 weeks pregnancy update

It’s hard to believe that this little muffin is halfway done baking! In some ways the time has flown by and in others it seems to be absolutely creeping. 20 more weeks of pregnancy sounds like an eternity! But I’m trying to really focus on the now and enjoy these moments, especially since this week is a major milestone. MAY-JOR. 

On Monday, Aaron and I will be going in for our second sonogram. Not only will we get another peak at the munchkin, which is now the size of a small melon (what?!), but we will also learn baby’s gender! I’m so excited I could burst! Aaron is convinced (or still convincing himself) that it’s a little boy. I tend to agree, but then again maybe he has brainwashed me as well?! Family and friends seem to believe it’s a girl. So what say you? Boy or girl?!

In other bumpdate news, weight gain is still slow and steady– about 6-7 pounds. I’m still hitting the gym at work three days a week and exercising on the weekends. Baby’s movements have gotten stronger but I typically have to be still to feel them. Occasionally I’ll feel a really good thump. Baby’s getting his/her exercise on too!


25 thoughts on “20 Week Bumpdate

  1. Tarah

    Your bump is still so small! I had two giant boys – by 20 weeks there was no way I could hide the fact that I was pregnant. I had a lot of “you’re having twins right?” comments. haha! Glad all is going well!

  2. Always Maylee

    You look wonderful! I’m gonna guess it’s a boy! I remember the first 20 weeks felt like it went by faster than the last 20 weeks…but it’s the last 8 weeks or so that really drag! 😉

    xo, Yi-chia

  3. Paige

    I totally wish I had exercised my way through the beginning of my pregnancy! I finally started getting back into running this week and it has made such a big difference! I have so much more energy, and hopefully my weight gain will calm itself down haha! You’re looking great! Keep up the great work!


  4. Kelly

    You still do not look pregnant at all! I swear, you are going to be one of those girls whose total weight gain is like 17 pounds! And my vote is girl!

  5. Kacie's Kloset

    I can’t wait until you start showing more. My sister is 22 weeks and like you, she’s still so tiny. I never realized how long it takes you pregos to show until now. Can’t wait to find out what you’re having (my sister isn’t finding out). Um…I think you’re having a girl 🙂 I have no knowledge to base this off of other than it seems like a lot of people are having girls lately.


  6. Niki

    Oh my gosh I can’t believe you’re already halfway! And that is so exciting that you’re going to find out the sex today!!!

  7. ashleigh

    I think it is a girl! Daddies benefit so much from having a girl first. With boys they tend to be buddies. With girls they are protective and nurturing.


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