24 Week Bumpdate

Oh heeeey. Look whose bump popped!bumpdate 24 weeks


It’s hard to believe that six months of pregnancy have already passed me by. While the thought of being closer to meeting our daughter is exciting, it’s also slightly terrifying. Because of our impending move in a couple weeks, we’ve refrained from purchasing anything baby-related (minus a couple outfits, of course)! I am really feeling the urge to set up the nursery, but that will have to wait!

Aaron and I attended our first baby class this week (Labor Basics). Although I didn’t learn anything new, it was still nice to be in a class with other expectant parents and have Aaron learn a little more about what to expect.

Baby’s movement continues to feel stronger in my belly, but feeling the kicks externally is still pretty difficult. I’m sure that will change in no time as the baby gains half a pound weekly from here on out!

Since my belly finally “popped,” it has become much more noticeable to my co-workers that I’m expecting. Several that I don’t work as closely with approached me in the break room to get the details and offer congratulations. Being visibly pregnant definitely makes this all feel more real!


14 thoughts on “24 Week Bumpdate

  1. Susan Jeffries

    I am so excited for you and you look wonderful! I like how your pregnancy style tips can work for those of us who wont be having any more babies too! Versatile tips are fabulous! Daughters are amazing – don’t let anyone tell you anything negative about pregnancy and childbirth. It is a blessing and an amazing experience! Susan

  2. Niki

    This must be such an exciting time for you! And I bet you’re dying to start shopping for nursery stuff! Good luck with the move!

  3. Rachel

    Haha, that’s so cute that your co-workers are interested and want to congratulate you! I bet you are excited, but terrified at the same time! I know I would be!

  4. ashleigh

    I love the super glow-y pregnant “leading with the belly” feeling. You’re happy and all the world is happy for you! Although my belly button never “popped” so that’s neat!


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