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If you’re anything like me, then you love a bargain. But isn’t it impossible to keep track of all the sales? My inbox gets flooded daily with deals and coupons, but I find it so overwhelming that I end up immediately deleting them or unsubscribing all together. And when I do happen to catch a sale at the right time, it seems like I’m forever wasting my time searching for the exact item, style, color, and size to make my purchase. This is where Shoptagr comes in. shoptagr

Shoptagr is your own personal deal hunting service. After signing up, it only takes a moment to install the Shoptagr’s +TAG bookmarklet to your toolbar, and you can get to shopping on your favorite sites!

Once you come across something you love, all you have to do is +TAG it! Shoptagr monitors your item (down to size, color, and style), and emails you once it’s on sale!how tag with shoptagr

So no more juggling your wish list and an endless amount of store emails. It really doesn’t get any easier to save time and money!

Curious to see what I’ve got my eye on? shoptagr wishlist

…And that list of Tags is growing daily!

Want to give Shoptagr a try? Signing up is absolutely free, and you’ll never miss a sale again!

*This post is sponsored by Shoptagr, but all opinions are my own!*


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