Popsicle Mocktails

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For those of you ladies who have been or are currently pregnant over the Summer, I’m pretty sure you feel me on this: I would do anything for a frozen, fruity beverage right now! It is HOT, and although I genuinely love guzzling down water, sometimes I want to mix it up. At the same time, I’m not so committed that I want to whip up an entire batch of virgin strawberry daiquiris or pina coladas when I’m the only one who would be drinking them. So this weekend, I went on a mission for a quick and easy alternative to squash my craving.popsicle cocktails via @fizzandfrosting

I hit up Kroger, and picked up one of my favorite summertime treats — Fruttare popsicles. Mango and Strawberry were just what the doctor ordered. As a twist on an ice cream float, I decided to make popsicle mocktails, so I also grabbed a liter of ginger ale.single serve mocktail

This little concoction only took mere moments to make. Whipping up a hard version for Aaron was also a breeze. I just threw in a shot of vodka for his popsicle cocktail, and he was certainly a happy camper.fruit bar cocktail

I can’t even explain how amazingly these turned out. They were so refreshing! Let’s just say they were good enough for us to go back for a second glass! Mission mocktail accomplished.summer mocktail recipe

If you want to give these refreshing treats a try, be sure to stop by Kroger and pick up a box of Fruttare. They are now offering a free Music Award ($4 value) with purchase valid 7/1 – 7/31 while supplies last!  You can also connect with Fruttare via Twitter or Facebook! Cheers!


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