37 Weeks Bumpdate

At the risk of sounding like a complete cliche: where the heck did the time go? How are we in baby’s (estimated) birth month? And lastly: how am I full term?! (FULL TERM, PEOPLE.)

37 week bumpdateAaron and I have had quite the eventful week. It kicked off with our hospital tour on Sunday, which made me start to feel a little anxious about labor. Then on Wednesday I had my first cervical exam. The doctor was unable to tell if baby was head down, so she ordered a last-minute sonogram. Y’all – it was seriously the coolest thing to see her little face in 3D. She looks so much like Aaron it’s crazy, and the sonogram tech let me know that she’s working with a full head of hair. (With all that heartburn, I’m not surprised!) Getting that little sneak peek was such a major highlight. And knowing that she’s in proper position for birth was great news too. I swear that sonogram was a little blessing, allowing a lot of my anxiety about childbirth to melt away. Sure, it’ll probably come back at some point, but having that face to focus on makes it seem much less stressful. I also learned that baby is an estimated 6 lbs 14 oz (although estimates at this point are difficult and can be off as much as 1 lb). All of her other measurements were well within the normal range too!

Health-wise, things are still going smoothly for me too. Sleep is pretty good (minus getting up an average of 5 times a night), and apparently I’ve picked up the pregnancy waddle. And let me tell you, round ligament pain this late in the game ain’t no joke. Anything from shifting in bed to standing up can cause a major jolt of sharp pain. I think my random cries and curses are finally startling Aaron a bit less. Braxton-Hicks contractions have also picked up lately, and seeing baby’s movement in my belly is a whole new experience now. Before I’d occasionally see a little jab, and now I straight up see rolls. Crazy!

We’re finishing out this whirlwind of a week with my second baby shower on Saturday. I’m looking forward to seeing my running group friends since running was traded for walking many weeks ago. We’ve also got installing car seats and packing the hospital bag on the agenda. After this weekend, I think we’ll be pretty ready for you, baby!

pregnancy bump side by side


18 thoughts on “37 Weeks Bumpdate

  1. Bogi @RedReticule

    I am so excited for you and I can only imagine what a relief it is to know the baby is healthy. You’re almost there and I can’t wait to see a baby post.
    Have a great weekend!
    xo, Bogi

  2. Maryanne

    So excited for you! Can’t wait to see photos of your little munchkin! Remember, billions of women have had babies, the majority of them without the benefit of modern medicine! (That thought helped me during each of my children’s births!)

  3. Becky @ bybmg

    You’re getting so close! I got to have a last sonogram with my little man this last pregnancy to check his position, too, and it was a wonderful surprise! You’re looking and doing great!

  4. Rachel

    You look AMAZING! And how exciting you got to see a sneak peak of her 🙂 Hopefully you won’t get too nervous about labor! So excited for you!

  5. Mica

    Aww you look so great at 37 weeks! I looked nowhere near as good!

    I hope that you manage to get everything you have planned sorted this weekend – much easier to feel ready for baby when your to-do list is ticked off!

  6. Ashleigh

    You are so beautiful and glowing! Did you ever read up on why you develop a waddle? It’s not exactly the weight you put on. The chemical your body produces to allow your hips to widen enough to have the baby essentially makes a lot of your parts (like your feet of they got bigger) widen too. So since your hips are further apart now you shift gait to accommodate it. It’s fascinating! But also because you’re carry a little basketball in there too lol.


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