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It is hard to believe, but Layla is officially one month old today! I am absolutely in love, but I have to admit that a part of the first couple weeks was a complete blur of days running together. I guess that’s what happens with a sleep-deprived mommy going through the same routine of feed baby, diaper baby, calm crying baby, and then rest on repeat! I certainly could not have made it through without these handy items (that are strictly for Mom)!

must haves for new moms

1. Target Nursing Tanks – I tried both the more expensive Bravado and the Gillian O’Malley version from Target. At less than half the price, the Target version wins out. If you want a slimming version, the Basics nursing tank, also from Target, is another great alternative. I literally live in these day in and day out, so stock up on a few! (My suggestion: darker colors are better for concealing a leak if you wear them out of the house as a layering piece!)

2. Total Baby App – This phone app is a life saver. Track feedings, diaper changes, sleep time and more. For sleep-deprived moms, remembering exactly when the last feeding was can be an overwhelming task. It also shows you daily averages and has graphs so you can see how your baby is doing compared to previous days and figure out feeding or sleep patterns.

3. Heating Pad (+ ice packs!) – Suffering from overly full breasts or blocked ducts? A heating pad is a huge relief to help get that milk flowing. And ice packs can sooth achy nipples.

4. Gel Breast Pads – Another must-have for tender nipples. I have used these less lately, but they were a necessity for the first two weeks as I adjusted to breastfeeding. The gel pads prevent fabric rub that can cause further irritation and have a cool, soothing effect.

5. Bamboobies – Before having the baby, I stocked up on a box of disposable breast pads. I was amazed at how quickly I went through them and was completely unimpressed with how bulky they were. There was no hiding them underneath tops! Bamboobies are a great alternative. They are washable, thin, and discreet!

6. Reading Material – An incredible amount of time is spent feeding the baby in the first few weeks. I keep myself entertained by reading and binge-watching new-to-me TV shows. If you’re looking for a good baby-related read, I’ve got to recommend Happiest Baby On The Block. The tips have been very helpful for keeping Layla calm and happy.

7. Boppy – The Boppy is a must-have when it comes to feeding time. I love that I can easily position it for different feeding positions and also give my tired arms a rest.

8. Bravado Seamless Nursing Bra – I tried a couple different nursing bras and can attest that Bravado’s takes the cake. It’s super-soft and comfortable. Plus is comes with soft cups that can provide an extra layer against leakage and conceal most breast pads.

Other necessities? Lanolin (I prefer Lansinoh) for chapped, sore nipples. A breast pump (I was able to get Medela’s Pump In Style through my insurance, and I really like it so far.)

But these aren’t the only things you might need. Be sure to stock up on these items from your hospital stay!

  • Peri bottle – eases discomfort during urination and can help rinse your sensitive areas with every potty break
  • Tucks pads – soothes aches and pains from tears, stitches, and hemorrhoids. I also tried New Mama Bottom Spray, but preferred the pads.
  • sitz bath – a 15-20 minute soak for your bum. It doesn’t sound exciting, but I quickly learned that they provided some serious relief for stitches
  • mesh undies – disposable undies are a must for those first few days. Some women hate them, but I liked them, taking several extra pairs home. No need to ruin underwear. Plus they’re stretchy and non-constricting.
  • pads – self-explanatory and necessary. I took an extra pack home and was thankful to have them over the version I had at home. (They were a bit longer and less wide than the ones I had purchased.)
  • giant mug – if the hospital provides one, take it! I use mine daily. Breastfeeding is dehydrating, but with a baby in my arms, I don’t have time or energy to continually fill up a cup. With the mug, I’m able to stay on top of my water intake!

Mamas, what would you add to this list?


7 thoughts on “New Mom Essentials

  1. Stephanie

    Happy 1 month Layla!! I agree, the Lansinoh cream was very useful during those first few weeks of constant breastfeeding.

    I heard great things about that book “Happiest Baby on the Block” you’re mentioning! I’ve meant to get myself a copy.

    One thing that was also very useful for me (and still is) is my breastfeeding pillow. I have 3 different sizes but so far, it’s the smallest one that is my favourite.

  2. Always Maylee

    How is The Happiest Baby on the Block!? I’ve heard good things about it, but never picked it up. Also, another app I would highly recommend for new moms is The Wonder Weeks. It goes through and talks about baby’s development weeks and how they will act, what they’ll learn, and what you can do to help. It also totally explains why certain times they are extremely fussy!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Ashleigh

    You know, I don’t remember any of this! London and Logan both slept through the night at a month old and were on easy feeding schedules, so the blur didn’t really happen for me. The iphone had just come out when I had my last one, so an app would be fantastic!


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