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I already shared my new mom essentials that I couldn’t live without, but what about baby? Here are all of the things that make Layla a happy baby!

necessities for new baby

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1 / Halo Sleepsack Swaddles are a lifesaver for nighttime. Layla can be quite the little escape artist when it comes to swaddling. The sleepsack keeps her snug as a bug, which means less startling and longer sleep time! I have both the cotton and fleece versions and love them both.

2 / Layla doesn’t actually spend a lot of time in her Snuggabunny bouncer. She tends to get bored with it pretty quickly, but it’s still a great, safe place for her to hang out for 15 minutes while mommy jumps in the shower and gets dressed. I love how portable it is, so I can quickly move it from the bathroom to the kitchen or wherever I need a few minutes.

3 / Before having a baby, I heard so many people rave about the Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets and now I see why. I purchased two of the four packs and am so glad I did. I use these every day. They are super soft and perfect for swaddling, but I also use them as stroller blankets and always have a spare in my diaper bag!

4 / Another Aden + Anais product I’m obsessed with are their Burpy Bibs. The can serve as both bib and burp cloth. What makes them even more awesome is that they are truly absorbent and uniquely curved. The shape means more of your shoulder is covered when it comes time to burp. Less mess for mom and baby? WIN.

5 / A family member gifted us a cosleeper, but Layla much prefers sleeping in her Ingenuity Moonlight Rocking Sleeper. It’s slightly angled, which our pediatrician recommended for sleep and is easily portable. I use the nightlight for nighttime feedings and Layla seems pretty fascinated by some of the music it plays.

6 / Have a baby that loves to be held? I sure do! I was stoked when Happy Wrap sent me up with polka dot baby wrap to try, and I think L is pretty pleased with it too. She gets to stay close to me, and I get some hands-free time!

7 / Layla is a huge fan of the Cloud B Sleep Sheep. The heartbeat sound really soothes her, and I love that it has straps that can be attached to her crib or her rocking sleeper. Bonus: it’s cute and doesn’t interfere with decor or take up valuable shelf space like some other sound machines!

8 / I was kind of against the pacifier at first. I’d been really scared off by all the stories of nipple confusion interfering with breastfeeding. But after about four weeks, I started giving L the Soothie every once in a while. She still doesn’t take it all that often, but it’s a necessity for getting rid of hiccups! (And Layla HATES hiccups!)

Honorable mentions:

Waterproof changing pad liners – after washing Layla’s changing pad cover for several days in a row, I knew I needed a better solution. These work great at absorbing anything that escapes the diaper and keeps your cover clean and cute!

Car seat toys are a big hit in our house. L loves to just stare at hers and loves listening to it jingle or crinkle!

Layla loves bath time, but she seems even more content when we put on the vibration in her Little Lamb Calming Vibrations Tub. I think she could hang out there for hours!

Ulubulu Pacifier Clips are adorable and prevent those pacis from hitting the floor. A good friend of mine also suggested using them to prevent toys from falling as well!

Mamas, what are your newborn essentials?


8 thoughts on “Newborn Essentials

  1. Niki

    I always love to see these types of posts! Thank you so much for sharing these essentials, as I’m sure I will need many (if not all) of them!


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