Layla’s Five Month Update

Oh heeey. Look who is doing an update on time this month! Layla turned five months last Friday (1/30), and the rapid approach to six months is kinda freaking me out.

Layla five month update
Weight: 17.4 pounds! 

Eating: No change here: still a good eater! We’ve moved on to a four hour eating schedule, and she seems to be responding really well. It’s helping her eat a bit more at each sitting. We’re still also doing one meal of rice cereal mixed with a fruit or veggie in the evening.

Layla at five months

Sleep: Ah, the elusive sleep. We’re still struggling in this department. Layla won’t fall asleep unless being walked, so we’re doing laps around our first floor every time she stirs. I’m prepping for sleep training though (the 4 hour eating schedule was the first step!), so hopefully we’ll make some strides this month!

Clothes: It looks like she’s finally outgrowing the 0-3 month clothes! There are only a few of those onesies that fit. For the most part we’ve moved onto 3-6 month.

Layla five months

Mood: So happy and sweet. She can be a bit serious with strangers these days but is all smiles with mommy and daddy. When we’re in unfamiliar places though, she’s pretty attached to mama. I know it’s a little frustrating for family who want to pass her around, but she’s having none of it at this stage!

five month update

Layla’s favorites:

  • peek-a-boo pocket ladybug (“Bug”)
  • diamond ring teether
  • jumperoo
  • tubby time (for relaxing)
  • board books that she can hold
  • songs
  • her fingers and feet
  • Mommy and Daddy’s fingers for gnawing
  • smiling faces
  • binky
  • blowing raspberries and making grunt-y noises (she’s so ladylike!)


  • being hungry or tired
  • gas

five months old update

Nicknames: Punkin, Puntin, Layla Belle, L Belle, Layla Bug, Dulcita, Princessa, L Boogie

Layla has gotten really into toys and playtime. She’s starting to enjoy (or maybe tolerate?) tummy time. I love watching her reach for toys and roll over. She also has really improved her grasping abilities. She’ll reach for two separate toys and hold them each in separate hands. She’s also started tossing toys. I’m constantly crawling around to grab her little ball!



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