Layla’s First Easter

Layla’s first Easter was definitely an eventful one! The two of us traveled solo to California to visit my parents and sister during her Spring break. We had such a great time! Layla loved opening her first Easter basket and promptly tried putting all of the contents in her mouth…including the grass.

Layla's first Easter

Her new bath time books were a big hit. I think her tubby toy puffer fish just might have some competition now!

Layla and I EasterEaster with familyEaster with grandmaLayla and mom EasterLayla EasterGrandpa and baby easterMorgan with Layla


5 thoughts on “Layla’s First Easter

  1. Lauren

    Layla is just the cutest thing ever. How nice you were able to visit your family for the day. That picture of the 4 of them is adorable!


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