Striped Summer Sweater

Lately the blog has been one big ode to stripes. Striped tees, a striped skirt, a striped dress, and now the perfect striped Summer sweater. Doesn’t Summer sweater kind of sound like an oxymoron? Well this one is a super lightweight linen and oh-so-comfy.

how to wear a summer sweater via @fizzandfrosting

I just picked it up on super-sale from LOFT, knowing it’d be great for now and early Fall when I want to dress more warmly but it’s still hot outside. And also ’cause, all stripe err’thing.

striped summer sweater via @fizzandfrostingrebecca minkoff mini mac graystriped linene sweater with shorts and birkenstocks via @fizzandfrostingclassic monogram necklace via @fizzandfrosting

Sweater: LOFT (currently on sale for $20!), Shorts: Joes Jeans (similar), Shoes: Birkenstock, Watch: (similar), Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, Necklace: c/o Get Name Necklace (CODE FF15 for 15% off!), Ring: c/o Get Name Necklace -> Check them out on Instagram!



7 thoughts on “Striped Summer Sweater

  1. Mica

    That is a lovely striped top! I like pieces like this that you can wear across seasons, and you know I share your love for stripes! 🙂

  2. Caitlyn

    I love this look! I own a similar sweater but mine is tighter and has a crocheted look, woth holes- hard to explain. I got it from stylemint a while back but they still sell it….. And then I have another shirt that’s baggy like this (because I ordered from a boutiques, it was on clearance, no returns, and I got a large but apparently needed a medium) but that one has a lace top….I just don’t know how to style it because 1) I feel fat in shorts, because since having my 2 year old, and getting older, and not working out like I should, I Iam getting thicker legs and cellulite 🙁 and it’s like baggy in the wrong places almost….and 2) I have tucked it into jeans before but Wjen I tried to do it again, it didn’t look that great….I wonder if it would look good with Jean shorts….now I’ll have to try it!
    If you wanna check out my IG, I have a pic of that shirt with the jeans, @budgetbeautysite_cstone412cs

  3. Caitlyn

    Sorry ore lol the mess ups above! Between autocorrect and trying to type too fast, I should probably read before posting lol.
    Anyway, my striped shirt would look better as a loose fitting
    sweater not a silky shirt…
    Here’s the IG pic of my short but it’s tucked in (and I couldn’t get it to look that good when I tried the next few times lol) and underneath is the sweater from stylemint but I don’t wear it over a blouse, I wear with a coral or blue tank.


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