It wasn’t too long ago when I was personally against wearing athletic wear out in public unless I was running errands either before or after a workout. My philosophy was that it took just as long to put on jeans as yoga pants. And in a lot of cases, that’s still how I feel. I’ve even been known to give the side eye to women in workout gear with a full face of makeup and their hair perfectly coifed. (Like, “Giiiiirl. Who are you kidding? You didn’t go to the gym!”) BUT I’m starting to come around a little to the whole athleisure trend.

athleisure - faux leather leggings, long cardigan, tennis shoes |

This look could have looked just as cute with running tights/workout leggings (and I would’ve been so on board with that), but I decided to make it a little more leisure-y with faux leather leggings instead. And any excuse to rock these new sneakers is a good one because they are SO.COMFY. Consider me a convert… kinda.

athletic casual - leggings, long cardigan, nike sneakers |

how to wear athleisure |

athletic casual - long cardigan, tee, scarf |

athleisure style - faux leather leggings, sneakers, long cardigan |

Tee | Cardigan (similar) | Leggings | Scarf (similar) | Sneakers | Tote

What’s your take on athleisure style?


16 thoughts on “Athleisure

  1. Amy Ann

    I love the faux leather leggings with this as opposed to workout ones. I tend to agree that it is funny to see someone all put together in gym clothes, but I admit to sometimes just needing some stretch in my life. 😉

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

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