Embrace Your Bikini Body with #NOFOMO

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leopard print flounce bikini with lace kimono cover up | www.fizzandfrosting.com

Although it may still be Winter, warmer weather is right around the corner. Spring break is only weeks away, and, before you know it, Summer will be upon us. So it’s time to tackle a very serious subject – the bikini body. 😉

boho chic swim style - target leopard print bikini | www.fizzandfrosting.com

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I am not exactly the pillar of confidence and self-love. I can be as hard on myself as the next gal. It’s easy when you just had a baby (uh, 18 months ago) or you’re still carrying a few extra holiday pounds (ahem, guilty). There’s always an excuse, right?! But ever since having a daughter, I decided that I was going to be a better example of having a positive body image. I want Layla to love her body, and I know that by my setting a good example, she’ll be well on her way.

cute high waist bikini from Target | www.fizzandfrosting.com

So this year, I’m joining Target in a pledge of #NOFOMO (No Fear of Missing Out!). Because there is no way I’m going to let my insecurities distract me from making memories with my friends and family. Years from now am I going to look back and think about five or ten extra pounds I was carrying or the fun we had at the pool?! Am I going to remember a little love handle or teaching my daughter how to swim?! Those memories of Summer fun are what I’m looking forward to making!

flattering one piece swimsuit - paisley print with ruffle neckline | www.fizzandfrosting.com

And Target is making it easy to embrace the #NOFOMO attitude with their plethora of swimsuit options. Shipping and returns are free, meaning you can order to your heart’s content and try on in the comfort of your own home. (That’s what I did!) And they have styles for every woman. Whether you like the sporty look, classic style, retro-inspired, or even favor the boho vibe, you’re bound to find an option that helps you express your personal style and makes you feel confident.

ruffle neckline swim suit from Target | www.fizzandfrosting.com

I chose four completely different styles because my swim suit style, like my everyday style, really depends on my mood. The first, a flirty flounce bralette bikini, felt fun, and of course the leopard print was a major selling point. I went a completely different direction with the second, a fun retro-inspired striped bandeau with high-waisted bottoms. I’ve always wanted to try one but felt like maybe I couldn’t pull it off. Once I tried it on though, it was love! The third, a ruffled halter one piece was probably my favorite find. I love the full coverage, and the print and design reminded me of a classic wrap dress. (Talk about flattering, right?!) And the last was a mesh inset one piece that felt a little out of my comfort zone at first. But pretty much every single one of my family members assured me it was a winner. And when I rocked it, I felt confident. That’s all you can really ask for in a swimsuit, right?!

mesh cut out swim suit | www.fizzandfrosting.com

So the only thing you need to do to get beach body ready, is to get that body in a swimsuit and embrace all the fun you’re going to have this Summer! Team #NOFOMO! Are you with me?!

flattering one piece swim suit - Target | www.fizzandfrosting.com

Photography thanks to Stephanie Dennehy Photography!

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27 thoughts on “Embrace Your Bikini Body with #NOFOMO

  1. Dalia

    You can’t tell that you are probably freezing from the pictures! 😉
    And I love the mesh one piece, but the Hat-and-Swimsuit Combo is just fabulous.

  2. Kelly

    You look awesome in all of them but, I especially like the blue one piece. I think the color looks great on you. I can see you throwing a skirt on with it to go to and from the pool or beach.

  3. tami

    You look great – even if you didn’t have an 18 month old baby. I would like to have the bathing suit that covers up to my belly button. It would help me feel more confident.

  4. Adaleta

    This is definitely a beautiful post and I love all of your bathing suit choices. I think my favorite is the black suit. This campaign by Target is really cool & I’m glad they did it. Everyone should be happy with their body & not miss out because they feel any kind of way about their body! xx adaatude.com

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