10 Ways to Bond with Your Toddler

Being a mom is not easy, especially when it comes to juggling obligations. Between managing a blog, doing housework, taking care of pets, being a wife, and raising a little one, I constantly feel like I’m being pulled in different directions. I’ll be honest: it can be difficult focusing on one task while managing multiple. Truly being present is tough. But when it comes to Layla, I really want be present and give her undivided attention. So I’ve made a #MothersPromise to give her one-on-one time every single day. I’m devoting time to engage with her without phones, televisions, or any distractions. A lot of the time, she just wants me to sit and read her a big ole pile of books (#booknerdsunite), but today I’m sharing all the ways that we bond during our special time each day!

10 ways to bond with your toddler | www.fizzandfrosting.com

  1. Read books together. I’ve been reading to Layla since she was born, and she obviously loves it as much as I do. I let her take me to her book shelf to pick out books to read. She also loves being in charge of holding the book and turning the pages! (Don’t have a big collection? Head to the library!)
  2. Go on a walk and discuss all the things you see. When the weather cooperates, Layla and I enjoy daily walks. We love spotting flowers, dogs, trees, and practicing saying “hi” to everyone who passes by. It’s also a great opportunity to talk about colors!
  3. Play at the playground. Getting active is always good for both parent and child. Layla mostly enjoys just running around at the playground, and I don’t mind chasing her around one bit! 😉
  4. Go to a children’s museum. We recently became members at our local children’s museum. It was a yearly fee that allows us to visit as often as we like. The museum has plenty of hands-on exhibits for kids of all ages. Layla loves to explore!
  5. Take a mommy and me class. About four times a week, Layla and I head to Romp ‘N Roll for classes. We do gym and music-based classes together. If you’re looking for mommy and me centers near you, check out Romp N Roll, Little Gym, Kindermusik, or Gymboree.
  6. Sing songs. If they have hand motions, it’s even better! Since toddlers may not be verbal yet, singing songs with hand motions allow them to participate. Layla often hums the tune to songs or does the hand motions, letting me know she wants to sing! (Need some ideas? Try Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, Skidamarink, or songs by Raffi!)
  7. Get crafty. It doesn’t have to be any big project. Your toddler probably doesn’t have the attention span for that! Break out the jumbo crayons, some finger paints (there are edible versions!), or just let them rip up some colorful paper. They’ll love exploring in a new way!
  8. Go to the zoo/farm. Animals are always a winner. We still haven’t been to the zoo ourselves, but there is a local park that has farm animals. We love checking them out on warmer days!
  9. Visit a library story time. Layla and I have yet to do this, but we’re planning on visiting soon. Libraries often have story time broken up by age group so that there will be something age-appropriate for every child.
  10. Get musical. Have a dance party or play instruments. (Layla loves this set.) Don’t want to invest? Pots, pans, and bowls make great drums. Spices double as shakers!

Devoting this one-on-one time is so big for our bond, Layla’s development, and her self esteem. It may be simple, but I love seeing her light up and revel in having my complete attention.

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Mamas what’s your #MothersPromise? If you have a toddler, what are your favorite ways to bond?


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