Easy Five Minute Double Braid Tutorial

Braids have always been a favorite hairstyle of mine, especially when I want to give my hair a little rest from heat styling or I’m just running too short on time to break out the curling wand. So today I’m bringing you one of my go-tos, an easy five minute double braid perfect for medium to long hair.

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The best advice I can give is to not start with freshly washed hair. Second or third day hair just grips better. I also prefer to use air dried hair since my texture is a little more full and less sleek and slick than when I blow dry.

Step one: Create a side part, and then create a second part parallel, then perpendicular to your hairline. (Kind of like an “L”!) Secure the rest of your hair into a clip.

easy double braid | www.fizzandfrosting.com

Step two: Begin creating a simple dutch braid along your hairline. Be sure to grab hair from under your second part to create a fuller braid.

double side braid tutorial | fizzandfrosting.com

Step three: Secure with a small elastic and begin loosening the braid, working from the bottom to the top. You’ll gently pull out the braid, fattening it up and creating the illusion of a fuller braid.

easy five minute braid tutorial | fizzandfrosting.com

This braid is a great place to stop if you like wearing your hair down, or you can even pin the braid back behind your head. But since this is a double braid, we’re going to keep going!

crown double braid tutorial | fizzandfrosting.com

Step four: Take your remaining hair and pull it all to the side of your small braid. Combine it with your braid and complete a simple three strand braid. Secure with an elastic.

five minute double braid tutorial | fizzandfrosting.com

Pull out the elastic from your smaller braid and you’re done! See! Easy-peasy!

five minute double braid tutorial | fizzandfrosting.com

If you’re looking for some products to help with your braids, I’ve been loving Cibu. The Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner have helped tame my sometimes frizzy hair. Letting my hair air dry is less of concern now! I also love that they are paraben and suflate-free. I’ve also been using the Ancient Serum Argan Oil Treatment straight out of the shower or on my ends once they’re dry to help manage frizz and add shine. And for taming fly-aways without a crunchy feel, Finista is the perfect flexible finishing spray.

Cibu products - double braid tutorial | fizzandfrosting.com

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