Top 5 Quick Toddler and Baby Food Snack Ideas

Feeding your toddler or baby can sometimes feel like a chore. Of course all parents want to provide good, healthy snacks for your little ones, but most days between juggling family, household responsibilities, work, and even other children, it can be difficult to spend time in the kitchen doing a lot prep work, especially when on the go. And if you have little ones who are voicing their opinions on snacks, I feel you. Layla may love one snack one day and then refuse it for a week. (Oh, toddlerhood.)Β So in order to keep things fresh, I like to have a steady rotation of items at my disposal at all time. Here are my top five quick toddler and baby food snack ideas, all Layla-approved of course. πŸ˜‰

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  1. Fresh fruits and veggies. This is a pretty obvious suggestion, but it’s also tried and true for us. We always have fresh berries, ready to be washed and thrown into a snack container. Other great options include sliced peppers, edamame, or carrots (steamed for little ones!). Gotta sneak in those recommended servings (1 cup of fruit and 1 cup of veggies daily) where you can!
  2. Puffs / Cereal. We started with puffs early on and quickly switched to Cheerios because of their affordability and the fact that they’re whole grain. Layla was able to eat on her own from an early age, and I attest it to our allowing her to self-feed and practice her pincher grasp with cereal!
  3. Cereal / Granola Bars. We didn’t start these until Layla was a bit older, but now I always have one thrown in my purse in case of a snack emergency. πŸ˜‰ Happy Tot and Plum Kids have great options but I also like Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars!
  4. Fruit and veggie pouches. These are Layla’s all-time favorite snack, and I know it’s all about the portability (and taste of course)! There are a multitude of options and some even count as a full serving of fruits or vegetables!
  5. Yogurt / Cheese. Layla doesn’t drink a lot of milk, so I have to sneak in additional dairy servings other ways. She loves a few pieces of sliced cheese or a cheese stick for a snack, which are great for on the go. In a pinch, yogurt pouches are a great option too. Stonyfield even makes whole milk yogurt pouches and Happy Tot has a greek yogurt version!

Be sure to explore the toddler andΒ baby food from They have a great selection of pouches, puffs, healthy cereal bars, and other snacks for moms and babies on the go! And if you’re wondering how your little ones stack up to their daily recommended servings, WebMD has a great chart that I love to reference!

What are your favorite healthy snacks for on the go? Did I miss any that you or your little ones love?


17 thoughts on “Top 5 Quick Toddler and Baby Food Snack Ideas

  1. Bernice

    My little one (1.5yrs) would live on Cheerios if he could! We also started with Puffs but switched to Cheerios after realizing they were nutritionally near identical and cost much less.

  2. Stephie

    great snack ideas! i don’t have any kiddos yet but recently have been a lot more health conscious and want to feed my future babies good, nutritious food πŸ™‚ thank you for sharing!!

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