How to Get Big, Glamorous Waves

I love curling my hair. LOVE IT. In fact, it’s my preferred hairstyle for almost every ocassion. But if you ever feel like curling your hair only gives you one look, I’m here to disagree. There are so many different looks you can get when using different barrels and techniques! I’m going to be sharing my favorite hair curling tips and tricks over the following weeks, but today’s post is all about big, glamorous waves. This look is perfect for casual looks and special occasions alike!

For the smoothest of waves, I definitely recommend starting with blow-dried hair. I always use a large round brush like this one to get smooth strands with volume.

how to create big, glamorous curls |

My favorite curling wand is the T3 Whirl Interchangeable Wand because you only need one tool, and it comes with several barrels that all create different looks. For these big, glamorous curls, I’m using the 1.5″ barrel!

To start I separate into sections. I prefer doing four separate sections. The first is right above the ear. I pick about a 1-2 inch section of hair. For this look I did not alternate directions. I curled every section back away from my face.

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My hair holds curl pretty well, but this next tip is crucial for well-set curls. After releasing the curl from the wand, hold the curl up and wait until the hair has cooled before letting it go.

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After curling all of the layers, make sure that the curls have completely set. I typically wait a couple extra minutes before touching them. Here’s a look at what the un-touched curls look like.

big, glamorous hair curl tutorial |

Next, run your fingers through. If you want to even looser curls, you can run a brush through them, but I prefer the look of finger-tousled ones.

how to get big curls - big, glamorous curls tutorial |

Lastly, set with hairspray. My favorite is this one.

perfect big hair curls tutorial |

Want to get the look?

TopInterchangeable wand c/o T3 | Hairbrush | Hairspray


17 thoughts on “How to Get Big, Glamorous Waves

  1. Roxanne

    It’s kind of hilarious but also affirming – I use the SAME round brush and the SAME wand and the SAME barrel and the SAME hairspray. I think maybe we are long lost sisters? Oh and I have that top in black. I basically nodded at the computer while reading this post, haha!

    Your hair is SO gorgeous! Even though we have the same routine, I love reading about what other ladies do!


  2. Lori Vann

    I swear I am so hair challenged. I may try this though! My teenager has a great wand with several attachments, and this seems easy. The tip about not letting the curl “drop” until its cool is great too!

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