Strappy Sports Bra + Printed Leggings

When it comes to exercise, I tend to go in waves of commitment. I used to be really good about workout out every single day, but lately I’ve found myself spending every free minute I have working, which doesn’t leave me a lot of time to exercise. But even during the busiest weeks, I make the commitment to hit the gym three times a week for an intense workout. I’m not a good treadmill runner, and I kind of hate using the gym equipment. classes are where it’s at for me!

Spinning (or RPM, the Les Mills spin class) is one of my favorites, and I attend two classes a week. For my other workout, I go to Body Combat (another Les Mills class!). I also enjoy Body Pump, but I haven’t been good about hitting that one lately. I desperately need a little more weight training in my routine. I don’t think carrying a toddler around really counts. 😉

how to wear printed leggings to the gym - printed leggings with a strappy sports bra and vest |

When I’m working out at home, I typically don’t care too much about what I look like, but when I go to the gym, I like to look somewhat presentable. Cute workout clothes definitely make it easier to make my weekly classes! One of my favorite pairs of running tights is from Reebok, but I hadn’t really checked out their workout gear in a while. I didn’t realize what I was missing! Y’all, they have some of the cutest stuff right now. This strappy sports bra is my new favorite, and I love a great pair of printed leggings! And not only that, but I also love Reebok’s Perfect Never message too. Working out isn’t about trying to achieve perfection, it’s about being the best version of me and taking care of myself.

ways to wear printed workout leggings |

cute workout clothes - reebok printed pants with sprappy sports bra |

how to wear printed workout leggings - printed leggings with strappy sports bra and vest |

white red and black printed workout pants with strappy sports bra |

cute workout style - printed workout leggings and a strappy sports bra |

Bra c/o Reebok | Leggings c/o Reebok | Shoes c/o Reebok | Vest c/o Reebok | Sunglasses c/o Sunglasses Shop

What are your favorite workout classes?


27 thoughts on “Strappy Sports Bra + Printed Leggings

  1. Jessica Sheppard

    You look too cute to be going to work out! Love those printed leggings…I def think carrying a toddler counts. It’s super hard to get to the gym but whatever you’re doing is working, you look fab!

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