Stripe Crop Tee + Denim Jumper

I’m kind of embarassed to admit that I bought this stripe crop tee way back in early Spring. I had planned to wear it this Summer with overalls and skirts, but it just never happened. And since I have a serious love for all my striped tees, I definitely didn’t want to return it either. (Am I becoming a stripe tee hoarder?! Maybe…) So after months of sitting on my dresser, I finally broke it out a few weekends back. I may not have worn it with overalls like I planned, but I paired it with the next best thing: the cutest denim jumper.

stripe cropped tee with denim jumper |

My husband gave me some serious side-eye when I put this outfit together, but by the end of the day he admitted that it was kinda cute…well, minus the bandana neck scarf. I guess that’s just one thing he’s not getting down with. Me, on the other hand, I looove it. 😉 And if you do too, you definitely need to check out how I wore it with a denim romper and with an off the shoulder top too!

cropped striped tee and a denim jumper for fall |

denim jumper dress with cropped tee, black peep toe booties, bandana scarf |

denim jumper dress with stripe tee and bandana scarf |

denim jumper dress with stripe tee, booties, scarf |

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27 thoughts on “Stripe Crop Tee + Denim Jumper

  1. Morgan Klein

    This outfit is adorable!!! Cracking up about your husband’s side eye!! My boyfriend does that all the time, and I have to try to tell him that he doesn’t understand fashion! LOL!

  2. Laura @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels

    This look is so cute! I really need to add a jumper to my closet. Love that booties too!

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