How to Apply Bold Lipstick

I love a good neutral lipstick as much as the next girl, but there is something about bold lipstick that just makes you feel more glamorous and put-together, dontcha think?! Whether a classic red, vampy wine color, or girly pink, bold colors just make a statement! But do you ever struggle with how to apply it? I recently received a reader request to share tips about how to apply bold lipstick. It’s something that I definitely struggled with in the past, but these are my no-fail steps for bold lip perfection!

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For starters, it’s all about having a nice, smooth surface, especially if you’re going with a matte shade! Bold colors can sometimes settle into dry lips, so be sure to exfoliate first!

I was sent a sample of the e.l.f. exfoliator as a sample, and it could not have come at a better time. I love that you just apply it like lipstick, gently exfoliate in a circular motion, and then wipe it off. EASY! It doesn’t make a mess, which is perfect because I never remember to use it until right before applying lipstick!

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This next step is crucial for preventing lipstick bleed! If you want your lipstick to stay within the line of your lips, be sure to line them!

I don’t have the time or energy to seek out lip liner for every lipstick I have out there, so I love using a clear liner. It’s colorless and simply creates a barrier between your lip and skin so that your lipstick doesn’t feather or bleed off your lips! I’ve been using one from BHue, but this one from Sephora is a great option! For extra staying power, I also will use a lip primer afterwards all over the lip.

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And now, onto the lipstick application! I always start at the bow of my lips, and create an “x”. Then I line the rest of my lip and fill in with color!

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Inevitably mistakes happen though, right? To fix them, you can grab lipstick wipes, but honestly I just prefer plain ole baby wipes. (They’re way cheaper anyways!) Carefully wipe the smudge away and make sure to reposition the wipe if you take more than one pass! (I’m speaking from experience. Red lipstick everywhere, y’all. It happens!) Then, if you need to make a new clean line, just add a touch of foundation to a precise concealer brush and fix your smudge! TADA! Problem solved.

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And one last tip: be sure to keep your lips hydrated with a great balm! I really love this one from Murad. But don’t apply it before applying lipstick! The lipstick just won’t stay as well!

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e.l.f. exfoliator c/o Influenster | Murad balm | BHue Lipliner c/o (similar) | NYX Primer | COLOURPOP Liquid Lipstick | Precision Concealer Brush | IT Cosmetics Foundation c/o


22 thoughts on “How to Apply Bold Lipstick

  1. Trishna

    I love wearing bold lipsticks around this time of the year but they can be annoying, so these tips were so useful! Have a lovely day 🙂

  2. Ashley

    That lip color looks great on you and I love the E.L.f. Lip Exfoilator been one of my favorites for a while now! Helps so much during the cold months.

    I love reading your posts everyday!!!

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