Best Gifts for Toddlers

With Christmas a little over two weeks away, it’s time to kick gifting ideas into high gear! Before having kids, I always struggled with what to buy for toddlers and babies. But after being a mom for the past 2.5 years (whaaat?!) I’m confident that these are the best gifts for toddlers around. And of course, many of them are Layla-approved. 😉

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Especially when it comes to kids, I strive to give gifts that will be used for as long as possible.

If you want a tricycle that will transition with your child, this trike is for you. It has several different stages, starting with a bar to be pushed by an adult and ending in a regular tricycle that can be ridden solo!

Play-doh is always a hit, and this pack is perfect because of the amount of color options. Plus, they inevitably dry out, so this will last quite a while!

I love encouraging musical exploration, and this kit is is perfect for that. It comes with nine different instruments!

This pop-up tent is actually under the tree right now! It works both indoors and outdoors and can also be used as a ball pit!

I love this easel. It was one of Layla’s second birthday presents and it’s gotten so much use. One side is a blackboard and the other is a magnetic whiteboard. It also holds a roll of paper for coloring and painting!

Isn’t this kitchen fancy?! I had a plain ole plastic one as a child, but Layla’s rivals my own kitchen in appearance!

Imitation is huge at this age. Your little one will love vacuuming just like mommy and daddy!

Lincoln logs are a classic and a great alternative to regular blocks! They are probably suited for slightly older toddlers (3+) since they require a little more dexterity to use!

We own this tea set and love it. Teddy bear teas are a regular thing at our place!

Books are always a good choice, and these Look and Finds are so fun! Layla has just recently gotten into them more!

This red wagon was one of Layla’s gifts last Christmas and it’s gotten plenty of use. We use it for walking around the neighborhood, going to friends’ houses, and of course trick or treating! This one is awesome because it has the seat backs, seat belts, and drink holders!

If you want to help improve your little one’s dexterity, a tool box like this one is such a great option for play and learning!

This anywhere chair is Layla’s favorite for watching her shows (Paw Patrol, anyone?!), looking at books, or eating a snack. It gets daily use!

A cash register is a fun toy to help learn about money and numbers. This is a toy that they can have fun with now and play with for years to come.

 A table and chairs set is something your little one will use for so long. It’s a great place for drawing and doodling now but soon it’ll be a great place for little projects! I hope Layla likes it! This another gift we bought this year!!


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  1. Mollie

    Love that monogram little chair! I have lots of tiny cousins so I will definitely be keeping this stuff in mind, thanks for sharing!

    xx Mollie


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