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‘Tis the season for all of the family photos, right?! Like many other families, it’s become our yearly tradition to take Fall photos, and like clockwork, I wait until the last minute and get stressed about our family photo outfits. But despite my serious procrastination, our outfits always come together because I follow these simple tips for family photo outfits!

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Avoid wearing your trendiest pieces. While I might look back in twenty years and think, “what was I wearing?” I don’t want to look back next year and think it. Keeping your outfit choices to classic, timeless pieces! A great pair of dark wash jeans and a sweater, a classic dress, a button down and cardigan are all great options!

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Don’t go pattern crazy! I love a fun print mix as much as the next girl, but family photos aren’t a fashion shoot. You want your beautiful faces to be the focal point. My husband has worn pattern the past two years so I avoid it. Keeping with solids also can help you tie in a fun element like the plaid blanket scarf we used last year!

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Pick a color scheme rather than matching outfits. Remember when everyone used to do the matching khaki pants and white top photos? Instead pick a color scheme and try to have everyone stick to it. The first year we took family photos, my mom, dad, and sister were in town. Since we had a larger group and were working with only the clothes they brought with them, we went with all neutrals. Grays, blacks, and tans are something everyone has in their wardrobe, which brings me to the next tip…

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Go neutral!  Not only are neutrals easy to pair with each other, they’re also easy to pair with your home decor! If you prominently display these photos, you’ll want to them to match the vibe of your home. On the other hand, if your photos are for the sole purpose of Christmas or holiday cards, then you can have a little more fun with color!

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Start simple: pick one outfit and build from there. I always start with Layla’s outfit first and then find things in my and Aaron’s closets to work around her. Her closet is much smaller than mine, which makes starting with her the logical choice. But maybe you have an outfit you’re dying to wear. Use it! Then build everyone else around you within your color scheme!

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And one last tip because I can’t help myself: play with texture! You can see with our photos that neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. Mix cableknit sweaters with other knits. Try lace and denim. Throw in some suede or leather! And of course, have fun!


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