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Ok, who here is accident prone? Are you constantly spilling food or drinks? Do you have little ones whose messy little fingers and faces are a constant threat to the cleanliness of your clothes?! Uh, me. Me times three. Stains are a thing that happen to everyone, but Elizabeth & Clarke is here to make your life easier. When they asked me to partner with them and try their unstainable essentials, I seriously couldn’t wait.

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My husband makes fun of me because if there is a drink or food in my hand, most likely some of it is going to end up on me. I’m not a particularly messy eater. I have manners, I swear. It just never fails that a little drop of this, that, or the other lands on me.

And don’t even get me started on my sweet little child. She takes messy eating to a whole new level. I mean, she’s two and a half, so that’s to be expected. But if I don’t spill something on myself, it ever fails that she accidentally rubs her hands or face on me. It’s kind of a miracle that I leave the house put together at all!

But your stain fears can seriously be put to rest with Elizabeth & Clarke. They set out to create beautiful basics that don’t cost a fortune. And of course, with unstainable fabric. UNSTAINABLE, y’all. The fabric prevents stains at a molecular with tiny fibers that repel water, oil, and alcohol-based stains! How awesome is that?!

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Elizabeth & Clarke sent me their Spring box, which is a part of their quarterly subscription program. Inside there were three tops perfect for the Spring season. The first, a detailed white shell tank, is perfect for layering under a light blazer while in the office. Lose the jacket for after hours!

spring work outfit - elizabeth & clarke | www.bylaurenm.com

spring work outfit - elizabeth & clarke | www.bylaurenm.com

The second was this adorable bow neck top with flutter sleeve. For me, this is the ultimate work wear top! It works with dress pants, with a pencil skirt, or with jackets and blazers. Also the color just screams Spring, dontcha think?!

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And lastly was this stripe button down! This is one of those pieces that’s perfect for work into the weekend. I styled it more casually, but it could be worn with dress pants and skirts too!

spring outfit - stripe button down outfit. bylaurenm.com

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I was really pleased with the pieces I was sent. Of course I LOVED the unstainable feature, but they were also comfortable with soft fabric and so wearable.

Want to try their quarterly subscription box? Use code CLAUREN10 to receive 10% off! At the beginning of every season, you’ll be sent a box of seasonally-focused tops that you can fill yourself with items you love. Or you can chose to let Elizabeth & Clarke curate the box for you! They always offer free shipping, returns, and exchanges in case a piece doesn’t work out. And of course, their subscription service has no contract or obligation, meaning you can cancel at anytime!

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28 thoughts on “Elizabeth & Clarke

  1. Mica

    Oh as the mum of two boys unsustainable sounds like a GREAT idea, haha! I really like that first top too, the pink jacket pops with it. And it’s probably the only way I’d wear white, as I’m so clumsy too! Wish we had something like that here in Australia.

    Hope you are having a wonderful week!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Brooke

    I am seriously accident prone! My husband is always ragging on me because every few months I need a new cell phone, because it’s broken, lol. My kids are also always wiping their faces on me! I could use unstainable clothes for sure! Thanks for sharing.

    Pumps and Push-Ups


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